Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Missy-the Work In Progress Slayer

"Into each generation a slayer is born"*

This time it's Missy, SAHM.
And together with her stitching friends and blogging buddies,
and her watcher(i.e. bank account),
she's out to save her WIP from the UFO pile and
frogs and any other form of darkness
that might afflict the aforementioned projects.

Yes, it's that time of the year, the time when stitchers look at their pile of WIP and UFOs and cringe. They review the projects they've started during the year, what they had hoped to accomplish, and how far they have fallen behind because they have to have a life.

Here's a list of projects that I have started, I think it's probably missing one or two but I hope to slay quite a few of these before the end of the year. I have included every project that has been started even if the only stitches in them are the center start stitches.

It's ugly, prepare yourself:

WIP as of 9-26-2006 in no particular order

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow-Carriage House Samplings
Dragon Isle-Stitchworld
13th Colony Bay Parts 1-3-By the Bay
Lady of the Flag-Mirabilia
Mermaid of the Pearls-Mirabilia
Coffee Menu-Little House Needleworks
Fantasy Triptyche-Teresa Wentzler
Trade Winds-Teresa Wentzler
Liberty Sampler-Hester's Needle
Sarah Tatum-Scarlet Letter
Mouline Rouge-Long Dog
With My Needle-Good Huswife
And They Sinned-Examplar Dames
Fairy Grandmother-MLI
Wendell the Warlock-Mosey N Me
Vinnie Von Fang-Lizzie Kate
Remember Me on Halloween-BOAF
Always Be a Wildflower-Samsarah
Sunflower House-Blackbird Designs
Monkey Sampler-Midsummer Night Designs
Magic in the Morning-Dragon Dreams
Desiderata-Indigo Rose
Cowboy Boots-Designworks
Folk Heart Needleroll-ShepherdsBush
Arabian Woman-Lanarte
Garner Dragonfly-Dimples Designs
Haunting Mermaid-Carriage House Samplings
Two Shall Be as One-Lizzie Kate
Medieval Mermaid-Midsummer Night Designs
A Very Fine Sampler-Birds of a Feather
Sarah Hook 1824-Carriage House Samplings
Bird in Hand-Hands to Work
Home of a Needleworker-Little House Needleworks
Celtic Banner-MLI
Monthly Snappers-Bent Creek
FInger Lakes Sampler-Bright Needle
1798 Quaker Sampler-Goode Huswife
Border Study in Red-Heron House(old issue of Stitchers World)
My Needle Doth-Bright Needle

That's 39 WIP! No I'm not promising not to start anything new before the end of the year because I have some ornaments I want to stitch, a few smalls, you get the idea. I'm not pledging to not buy any more stash because when I finally get over to Needle Delights, I have a long wish list to make a dent in. But I do plan to work as hard as I can on the projects listed above so I can have a fun, fun, fun, guilt free January.

Let the slaying begin.

*my sincerest apologies to Joss Whedon

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my previous post. They are appreciated more than you know.


Anonymous said...

Missy, there are some wonderful projects amoungst your WIP pile. I had a guilt free January this year and whilst I enjoyed the rush of starting some new projects I don't think I'll do it again (at least to the same magnitude). Look forward to seeing some of your finishes (slayings) soon.

Loved the Buffy reference!

Joanie said...

Darlin' there are some beautiful projects on your WIP list...I say slay away! Looking forward to photos of your finishes and a diminished WIP pile.

Carol said...

39 WIPs?? God Bless You! I was feeling badly with 18, but I feel better now - LOL!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED "Buffy" -- especially the last four seasons. Spike is my man. :P

And thanks so much for listing your WIPS -- I'd been feeling really guilty about all my WIPS, but now I don't feel quite as lonely in my sea of projects. :D

Happy slaying!

KarenV said...

That's quite some list Melissa! I'm sure you'll slay a few of them over the next couple of months.

Siobhan said...

There goes Melissa, able to slay WIPs with a few slashes from her trusty needle... YGG!

Mary Ann said...

Sounds like you were bit by the organizing bug. It happened to me earlier this spring. I recognize a few of those WIPs myself (ahem..).
Remember its a hobby and have fun with those 'smalls' you mentioned.

Michelle said...

And once you conquer slaying, you can start looking for recruits that will also one day become WIP-slayers. I hope to join the ranks! Thanks for making me laugh!

Anna van Schurman said...

What's the rush? Why are we all so goal oriented? Isn't that why I go to work?

Cathy said...

Yikes, I'm worried that my list might be that long too! I'll be cheering for you to finish some of these! Slay away!

Annemarie said...

Oh boy, am I glad I'm not the only one... You're a braver woman than I am, to make such a list!

Meari said...

OMG... You have that many projects started?? LOL Make me not feel so bad about the 5 or so I've got started....