Friday, April 22, 2005

Is it Friday Yet?

This has been a long week. I hate those weeks when every day feels like several all lumped in together. Not sure what the problem has been.

On Monday I somehow managed to misplace my $34 CHS Houses of Hawk Run Hollow chart. There was absolutely no reason for it not to be on my stitching chair along with the floss box and Qsnaps but somehow it vanished. After searching one spot no less than 4 times yesterday there it was. No explanation, no way I could have missed it during the previous searches but hey, I found it, that's all that matters. I haven't stitched too much this week, too tired, not a lot of time and my 9 yr old has been a little more needy than usual. Not sure what's up with that but I figure pretty soon he won't want any thing to do with his old mom so I'm enjoying the hugs and reading together before going to sleep. He's discovered the Artemis Fowl books and I've bought three of them for him. He's also into Lemony Snicket these days too. I tried to get him into those books last year but he's reading now and that's all that matters right?

Yesterday at Target I found Phillippa Gregory's book The Other Boelyn Girl. I've been wanting to read this for ages and for some reason have never been able to find it at BooksAMillion or Barnes & Noble, so to just come across it at Target, I took that as a sign that I had to buy it. Also treated myself to .38 Special's "Best Of" CD and Green Day's American Idiot.

I have been stockpiling books lately, never have time to read these days, but I keep buying books here and there adding them to the "To Be Read" pile. One day I'll have time to read and so many books to choose from I won't know what to do. Sure I can go to the library but somehow I never manage to get around to reading the books from the library so I find it's easier to just pick up a book here and there, add it to the pile and hope that I get around to reading them one day.

I've been compiling a lot of my reading list from girlreaction.

Tuesday I took my cat Sabrina to the vet to be fixed. Bless her heart she had a belly full of kittens and since we're up to 9 cats, more kittens were just out of the question. I hadn't worried too much about getting my cats fixed because they are indoor cats, no chance for outside contact, but my Sabrina is too smart for her own good. We woke up several nights to let the dog out and the front door was standing wide open. We have these lever type door handles, the cat flings herself at the handle, pulls it down, opens the door and off she goes. So now we always have to lock the deadbolts to make sure she stays in. I struggled with the decision to get her fixed when I knew she was pregnant. It just seemed wrong but I had a heart to heart with the vet and it was just the best decision since we have a full house as it is.

The next month any extra money I have will go to getting Hermoine and Holly fixed then the kittens should be old enough to be fixed too. I will be so glad when when every one is fixed and we can all be happy and I can have stash money again.

Speaking of stash, there's a knitting store in Pensacola and they sell spinning wheels. How cool is that? I see a major spinning wheel purchase in my future. I think a spinning wheel will be my kids back to school gift to myself come August.

I'm getting the itch to quilt. Over at girlreaction there are pictures posted from the Chicago Quilt show, the ones on page 4 have got me so inspired. I love the colors in Pacific Garden, I think that's the right name, and there was another one, Flowers and Fruits something or other, so bright and wild. Just love it! I've been staring at the Flowers and Fruit quilt trying to figure out the wave rim around one of the flowers and if it's pieced or if it's cut out that way and appliqued. Very cool! I like the more traditional quilts too. There's a Goose in a Pond quilt that's your basic flying geese pattern but the "pond" in the middle looks like a handdyed or batik, really gives that pattern some motion. Yes, I can see myself stock piling some fabric in the not too distant future. I still need to finish up my 9 yr old's I Spy 9-Patch and force myself to sit down for a while and cut out the blocks for DS#1's Ohio Star. Lime green is the background color for this quilt per DS#1's instructions. I'm using other bright colors to make this into a tropical Ohio Star quilt. I just don't have the patience to sit down and cut out all those blocks. Yes, I do it the old school way, trace the pattern onto the fabric then cut it out. I've tried using the rotary cutter method and every time I do that my blocks are never the same size. So for me the old way is the best way but so freakin' slow! Once I finally sit down to do it I enjoy it but it's making myself take the time away from other projects to sit down and trace and cut for a few hours. Some friends have said to me that if I have the patience to cross stitch, which to them is the most boring thing in the world, why can't I sit and cut out fabric pieces for a while? Not sure what the difference is, because trust me I have plenty of cross stitch projects that I can stith away on for hours and not see much progress. At least after a few hours of cutting fabric you do have the makings from some quilt blocks. Very obvious progress.

Yesterday I picked up a couple more used DVDs from the local video store's previously viewed bin. I came home with Wimbledon and Shark Tales on DVD and DodgeBall and Anchorman on VHS. Thanks to my weekly stops by the used DVD bin we're building up a pretty decent DVD collection of movies we haven't seen yet. Sometimes we can score pretty good movies in the $5.50 bin at the store who shall not be named. A few weeks ago it was The Replacement Killers and Lake Placid. I love both of these movies. I also gave in and bought St. Elmo's Fire. What is it about those 80s brat pack movies that I love so much? St. Elmo's Fire, The Breakfast Club, movies I can't help but love and watch over and over. Another 80s movie I never outgrow, FlashDance. Why? I don't know. But I love it and always will. Oh and An Officer and A Gentleman. Can't get enough of Richard Gere and Debra Winger. DH and I watched Bull Durham last weekend and that's another movie I absolutely adore.

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