Monday, July 21, 2008


Just finished Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse. A few things, on Good Reads, I only gave it four stars because I did like New Moon better, but Eclipse stirred a lot of emotion in me, at least the last chapter. I cried. I was brokenhearted. I realized I can't stand Bella. I don't think that reaction is the author's intention. I want to excuse her choices because she's only 18, but it's all wrong. I feel that some very important decisions are glossed over, I don't know if the author doesn't want to go that deep, if it's because these are young adult books, but I have do have some issues.

I'm pretty sure my friend Pam believes I have lost my mind because I called her ranting about some of the issues have with Eclipse, it's supposed to be a story, I get that but I am one of those readers that lives what she's reading. I want to be sucked into the story, I want to feel the heartache of the characters, I want to get in their heads and understand why they make the choices they make.

I don't want to spoil the book for anyone who hasn't read it yet but if you also have issues with some of the plot, please feel free to email me at gulfskye at aol dot com I would love to discuss my issues with anyone who wants to talk about the book.

I do agree with Suz that Jacob is way too good for Bella.


Anonymous said...

You've intruiged me. I'm going to have to find this book now.

debijeanm said...

I'm so happy to find someone else who lives books like I do! My literary friends don't understand that. They get so into the use of language that they don't really get into the story. I go the other way and my experiences in a book (positive or negative) can affect me for days. That said, I don't think this series is in my future. Thanks for the warning.

A said...

Hi Melissa! I nominated your for an award, please see my blog!


Lucy said...

Just finished onto New Moon..I'll let you know!

Monsoon said...

Breaking Dawn was the best one, I actually went back and reread several chapters to enjoy them again! New Moon was my least favorite.

Of course Bella is childish, it is tough to read as an adult. You kinda want to just yell at her.