Sunday, July 20, 2008


Ok I'm reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I've had the books for ages and am just now getting around to reading them before Breaking Dawn is released in about two weeks.

I realize that everyone reading these books is IN LOVE with Edward. I'm not, I adore Jacob. I want Jacob to be Bella's true love. I understand that Edward is a vampire but I don't get the warm fuzzies about him like I do with Jacob and the movie trailer--the actor portraying Edward appears as miscast IMHO as Tom Cruise was when he portrayed Lestat. It's what I hate about books being made into movies. The illusion is gone and you forever see the actor as the character in the book--then again I never bought Tom Cruise as Lestat, that casting was so horrible in my opinion that I see Anne Rice's Lestat in my mind, not Tom Cruise. But you tend to see the actor instead of what you mind has created from the author's descriptions. I do understand that Edward's type of beauty may not exist on this earthly plane and we must make do but still, I had a vision in my mind of Edward and he's not the guy in the movie.

Olympic Stitching

I'm going to try to set up a blog for the Olympic Stitching challenge. I've been trying to come up with a banner for the blog. I hope to have it set up by the end of the week and we can make it a group blog if anyone is interested.

I am definitely saving my 13th Colony for the Olympics. I have plenty of other projects to work on between now and then.

Now we will forget this little rant when I write a book and sell the movie rights. Let's just hope I have a casting approval clause in my contract. Oh yeah, I dream big.


Suz said...

A coworker and I are both enamored of Jacob. But while Coworker C thinks Bella should run off with Jacob, I'm happy for Bella and Edward to spend forever together, because I find Bella terribly annoying - Jacob deserves better ;)

I don't know if you read GoFugYourself, but this entry was pretty darn hilarious:

Tiffany said...

I am definitely with you on liking Jacob more than Edward. I would love to see Bella end up with Jacob, but I also agree with Suz. Bella at times just isn't good enough for Jacob! Now to go deal with the fact that I sound just like the kids in my classes! gah!

Michele said...

I'm sooo behind! I've had both books for ever and haven't started the first one yet! argh!

but I soo agree with you about movies and books .. Tom was sooo not the right actor for Lestat and even though I had to see the movie (I'm so addicted to Anne's books I wanted to see it on the screen) Tom was just never really Lestat to me at all

Michelle said...

I am currently reading Eclipse and I am totally loving Jacob! He's my pick for Bella. I also HATED Tom Cruise as Lestat - even Brad Pitt was a poor choice, I thought, for Louis. But, since no one asked me beforehand, I'll deal.