Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Olympic Challenge

And other things----

I finally got around to creating a blog for the Summer Olympic Stitching challenge. If you posted a comment that you were interested, I'll try to get an invite out to you today. My computer access this summer has been hit or miss. Every computer in the house decided not to work all summer except mine. That is why blogging has been so sparse this summer.

Here's a link to the blog itself- Summer Olympic Stitching Challenge

Feel free to leave a comment in this post or email me at gulfskye at aol dot com and I'll send your invite ASAP. 13th Colony Bay is coming out of the baggie today, YEA!!!!

Things I've been enjoying this summer:

This is Ree's Veggie and Cheese Bagel. It's been my lunch of choice for the last two weeks.

Below you see my breakfast of choice:

I know, the picture isn't appetizing but there is nothing I love more than eggs scrambled with zuccuini and onion. Yum! I saute the zukes and onion in butter, a little garlic, salt and pepper, then move them to the side of the pan, add in my eggs, start scrambling then as they get a little more done I start mixing in the vegetables. Zucchini was born for eggs. I like my zucchini to stay crisp so I don't saute it for very long.

And now for the Puppy Monster:

This is Sidney-licious(it was Sid Vicious until we had nothing to fit his neck but this pink collar)my oldest son brought him home for us to dog sit for "two weeks" while his friend relocated. Uh, she relocated, lost her phone, slipped through some vortex or worm hole, I don't know. When he came to live with us his name was "Killer" I changed it to Sid. He looks like a Sid to me and I absolutely refused to call him Killer. Anyway he's a pit bull, we can't keep him and are looking for a responsible home for him. He's only about four months old and is already really rough with my Polly and I can't have him hurting her even if only in play. I knew saying yes to dog sitting was a huge mistake, but I'm a sucker and his friend is pregnant, her apartment was broken into and I didn't feel she needed any more stress so I said yes. A 12 week old pit bull isn't scary like a one year old pit bull, I expected him to be gone by now and now we've gotten a little attached, he's a good dog, smart and sweet and DESTRUCTIVE! But I can't keep him so the search begins for Sid a new home.


Suz said...

I'm totally stealing your zucchini & eggs idea. I love zucchini and I have stuff mixed in my eggs every morning for breakfast, but I'd never though of zucchini before (my second favorite vegetable).

And the bagel-burger looks positively delish.

Doggie looks sweet. He's probably destructive because he's bored, so I'm sure he'll be better when he finds his forever home and is entertained (or spoiled rotten, whichever)

My Life In Stitches said...

Hi! I have also been enjoying Ree's bagel sandwich the last couple weeks. Bought fresh bagels yesterday for it and picking up cucumbers and tomatoes today.

We have a year old beagle who is sweet, loving and also destructive, more than the normal puppy thing. She also plays to rough with our other dog...who is bigger and older than her...we figure in her case it is a Napolean complex. Good luck in finding a great home for Sid. He sure is sweet looking.

Joanie said...

HI! I am interested in the Olympics Stitching event!
Love the veggie bagel. I slather on vidallia onion dressing on mine!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sid is one sweet looking pup! Are you sure you can't keep him??? All puppies are destructive... I brought home two Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies on July 4th. I find taking them on very long walks... about an hour long, will wear them out and take away some of their need to destroy and chew everything in sight.