Monday, February 25, 2008

The Kind of Stitcher

The other day I was watching Psycho(thanks Sharon) and Norman Bates was telling Marion Crane how "a hobby should pass the time, not fill it". It really got me to thinking about the kind of stitcher I am. I now know that I am the kind of stitcher that is perfectly happy filling her time with little Xs. I discovered last week that I don't mind stitching backgrounds like you find on HAED charts. One of the reasons I avoided their charts for so long was the solidly stitched backgrounds. I didn't think I was the kind of stitcher that could do that kind of hardcore background stitching. I would go to the website, look at charts, go to fabric sites like Silkweaver's and look at overdyed fabric because the idea of all those little Xs was overwhelming to me.

Since starting QS A Night at The Pumpkin Patch [HAECCKQS 2514] - $9.00 : Heaven and Earth Des I have discovered that I am more than happy filling my time with the stitches it takes to create a background. It's so therapeutic. Watching the background come to life on the fabric is just amazing. I thought I would find it boring, a waste of time, I mean why not just buy a hand-dyed fabric and get to the real meat of the picture, but I love stitching the background.

In Natalie Goldberg's book Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life there's a story about her or a friend of her's, I can't remember, going to a therapist and the therapist asks her tell her one thing she knows to be absolutely true. After sitting there for a while she says something like I know for a fact I love chocolate.

The one thing I know to be absolutely true in my life, I love the little X. Yes, I love my husband and the kids, but outside of the family unit, I dearly love my stitching. There are times when I talk to nonstitchers, I get a little, oh, excited, when I talk about cross stitch, they look at me like I'm crazy. Instead of thinking to myself, maybe you should be quiet, talk about the weather instead, I find myself feeling sorry for them because they are not as enlightened as me.

I'm a perfectly well rounded person. I watch the news(Hillary, Obama, McCain, Huckabee), I know all about current events(Did everyone see Nicole Kidman's baby bump at the Oscars last night? Did you all hear that Britney got married in Mexico to a guy that's already married? Angelina Jolie-preggers. I don't live in a cave.), I read books. But my conversations always end up back on the topic of stitching whether the person I'm talking to is a stitcher or not. I have a lot of trouble understanding why the average person doesn't think it's an exciting subject.

I am the kind of stitcher that worries about the bad economy, not because of that whole roof over the head or food on the table thing but what if the economy really tanks and I end up actually stitching all the stash and there's no money to buy more? Talk about a panic attack. It doesn't matter that I have many TW kitted up and those alone should keep me busy for several years, what if we go into a full blown depression? I might really and truly get all the stash stitched because there definitely won't be any reason to leave the house.

Me and Norman Bates, who knew we had so much in common? And who else could work Norman Bates into a post about stitching?

I wanted to post some progress pictures today but I can't find the camera. My desk fell last night during the Oscars and I'm hoping that the camera isn't under the pile of wood. That would not be good.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on 13th Colony Bay. I really appreciate you all stopping by the blog and sharing my passion.


Lady Val said...

I love your thoughts on what if you couldn't buy any more stash & stitched up everything you had on hand. I look at the amount of patterns that I have and tell myself that I have more than enough to fill my lifetime... I don't need to buy any more. But there is something about the love that a stitcher has for her craft that makes it impossible to not add to the collection.

Barbara said...

I'm laughing so hard at your take on the poor economy because that's more or less the first thought I had when I realized it could seriously affect our family's finances! LOL!

Cindy said...

I never thought that I would be patient enough to do a HAED, but truly enjoy seeing it unfold.

You made me giggle with the thought of ever stitching through my stash :)

Kathy said...

OMG, it is almost like you are reading my mind. Your thoughts are similar to mine. I know I have had nonstitching friends that think I am sick or have a disease becauee of my obsession with stiching. The operative word is "had", many of them have heard enough of my stitching talk.

I am e-mailing the link to this post to all my stitching friends. I know they will all identify with it as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of Kathy's friends and she knew I'd be amused with this blog. Acutually I'm wondering how you could see in my second floor stitch room! I've spent the last three days having a memory vacation as I'm trying to organize my stash. The thought of not feeding the stash is to much for me, I think I need to retreat to my room. I know I can only last in there for 20-25 years! Judy

KsMaryLou said...

Hmmm you and Norman have something in common? No wonder I like your blog so much LOL.........lots of food for thought, but just nutty enough to be fun.

Jacque said...

Well you had me laughing..for sure...Norman Bates! LOL!!!

I'm heading for Memphis over labor day...any chance you might make a road trip?

stitching aussie style said...

I share your thoughts totally! Stitching is the only serious hobby (habbit?) that one requires outside the family that is. Thinking about my stash.... what to do first...and please don't mention that I can't go shopping again.

Rebecca in TN said...

I find your comments ring true with me as well... I had the same thought while watching the same movie! I love to watch TCM while I stitch- and I'd much rather pass the time stitching than stuff birds like Norman. DH can't understand how I can spend every evening stitching, but it's so therapeutic after a hectic day at work. I don't understand how he can spend a lazy Saturday polishing his motorcycle. Oh, well, to each his own.

Jeanne said...

Seems like so many people have been sick lately - so far (knock on wood) I've managed to avoid it. I just love stitching too but don't talk about much with my non-stitching friends - they don't understand and many of them don't even have hobbies! How can they survive I ask myself. That's what I love about the online community - so much fun sharing what we are passionate about.

Sonda in OR said...

I know what you mean about loving that stitching (now if I only loved the finishing just as much!!LOL) As for talking stitching with non-stitchers, you should see people's expression when they ask me what I did to my wrist('cause I have a brace on it) and I tell them it's a stitching injury (tendonitis). "A what?? You're kidding right??" It's kinda funny.