Monday, February 04, 2008

A Letter To:

Business Owners- Village of Hawk Run Hollow-North West Florida Division

cc: Hawk Run Hollow Home Owners Association-North West Florida Division

Dear Business Owners

It is my duty to inform you that construction on the properties of the project known as the Village of Hawk Run Hollow will be delayed indefinitely as my attentions are currently focused on a new development, you may have heard of it, Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (see picture above). Acquistion of this new project is an absolute must.
After seeing my diligence and continued hard work on another coastal property, 13th Colony Bay, the people of the Shores know I am just the person to develop their property in a timely manner.
I am sending a copy of this letter to the HRHHOA. To ease their minds I want them to know that we here at Melissa's Construction From the Hoop consider their comforts and needs a priority.
There are nearby businesses just outside the Hawk Run Hollow community that can offer the same services as those in the planned Village. Instead of Opal's Boarding House we can offer the services of a big chain hotel. Sure it's not as cozy as Opal's but it does have a waterfront view.

Since the big chain hotel doesn't offer the home cooked meals that are offered at Opal's we highly recommend a local restaurant with down home cookin'. The country fried steak is a must. There's a McDonald's next door for breakfast and also if gourmet coffee suits your taste buds there's a little coffee stand right next to the hotel.

For life's little necessities the local grocery chain offers the discriminating shopper every thing she could need. There's also a Publix within walking distance and I recommend their eclairs.

So you see the delayed construction should prove to be no inconvenience to the residents of Hawk Run Hollow and should help boost the local economy.
As soon as construction on the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow is completed my plans are to direct all my attention on completing the construction of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow.
Melissa's Construction from the Hoop


Anna van Schurman said...

You're too funny! And yes, we've all been sucked in by Shores...

Suzanne said...

LOL - I can't wait to order Shores....and I'm splurging on the threads too!! Suz

sewcreative said...

Girl, you are gonna get yourself in sooooooo much trouble! LOL


KsMaryLou said...

LOL With Bayou-Bob's nearby, what more could the homeowners want?

J Rae said...

LOVE IT!! You're great! :-)

Laura said...

LOL! Those poor Villagers! See you at the Shores.

Kathy said...

Such a funny post. Loved it!!!

craftycat said...

Too funny! (And true!) Alas, I can't order "Shores" until a little later in the year, as I've spent every red cent of my stitchin' money budget for a good long while. I went stash-crazy this last week! Does anybody else have a budget, or do you all just have very forgiving hubbies? LOL
I can't wait to see your WIP pics so I can live vicariously through you! ;)

littleme said...

VERY GOOD: I enjoyed them all. Come see my blog, you will be surprised

Sonda in OR said...

How funny! I'm holding off on acquiring the Shores, but just barely!!

Place to Breathe said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling so... lost. :(

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow? Made me fall in love. With a chart. Also marked the first time in 25+ years of stitching I spent more than $15 on a chart.

Village of Hawk Run Hollow? Made me fall to my knees in adoration and weep with happiness. Also marked only the second time in 25+ years of stitching that I spent more than $15 on a chart.

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow? Does absolutely NOTHING for me. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Maybe I was dropped on my head as a child?

And alas, I'm feeling so lost, because... apparently I am the *only* stitcher in the known universe to not like Shores. Not even a little bit. It's not even growing on me.

*hangs head in shame*

I'm sure yours will look stunning, though!


Mel in Dubai said...

What a giggle :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. To answer your question, I'm going to use Vikki Clayton silks for Spanish Rouge :)

Espresso Girlie said...

Such a cute post! Suzann