Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some Stitching and Some Painting

I have been crazy busy lately so here's a quick update. Below is my current progress on Blackbird Designs Beneath the Sunlit Sky:

I thought I might finish it this weekend but I never stitch as fast as I think I can.

OK--I love art, but never really have the cash to actually go and buy real art but my husband has this skill, he can copy almost anything so I found some picutres of art I liked, bought a couple of canvases and said "please paint these for me", or maybe it was "paint these for me or else". What's the or else? Or else I'll empty out the bank account purchasing art for the house. The pictures below are the spousal unit's vision of the art I showed him. These are for use in our home, he's not going to sell them, so I hope showing them here is ok.

Yes, the pictures are wonky. I thought I had a picture of this finished mermaid fraktur alone but I don't so accept the fact that I threw this arrangement up on the wall to see how it would look and didn't really worry about if things were hanging straight. The cross stitch surrounding are CHS Mairmaid's Song to the left, Barrick Sampler's The Mermaid at the top and CHS Sirens of the Sea to the right.

The canvas size is 16x20.

Here is the one he finished last night. Once again the canvas is 16x20:

Anna tagged me for a meme and I'll try to get to that tomorrow.


Anna van Schurman said...

Cool paintings! Looking forward to seeing your answers and more of Beneath the Sunlit Sky.

Jacque said...


WOW!! He's really talented. Lucky you!

Lucy said...

I love them...they are very folky...my style!

Barbara said...

Your DH is a very talented fellow! I love those paintings! And your stitching looks great, too! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Melissa,

I saw the link to your blog on the Jane Austen group. First I love your CHS mermaids! You did a beautiful job. I have all three of these to stitch - why haven't I done them yet?

I think your husband's art work is wonderful! Have you or he ever heard of outsider art? That is the type of art that I buy because I prefer the creative side of it to the much more serious art. Congratulations to his talent and yours for stitching!

mary ann said...

Fantastic Melissa! The combination of stitching and painting is a great idea. Lucky you and lucky hubby too. Do the boys do artsy stuff or are they interested at all? I am guessing that Adam and Eve will grace a wall of similar themed stitching?

Michelle said...

Very awesome paintings! The mermaid one looks great with your pieces!

Espresso Girlie said...

Your "spousal unit" is quite the gifted artist. Give him a pat on the back for me.