Monday, January 07, 2008

Looking Forward

To maybe having a finish by the end of the month. Of course that means I will not cross one X until February. Here are some updated pictures of 13th Colony Bay. I had let the these trees in part one go unfinished because I'd rather stitch big blocks of color and work on the islands and the water. So yesterday I finished them up. All that's left to complete on Part 1 are the clouds, the fences, and the sheep legs.

Another part I focused on were the trees on the left side of Part 2. You see if I focus on the bottom part of the design and finish it first I will never ever go back and finish up the trees. I still have a good bit of the tree on the right to complete, like all of it. I thought it was important to make as much progress as possible on this section when I was in the mood. I really wanted to work on Part 3, see it's scenic beauty unfold but no, I did the grown-up thing and worked on trees. I thought I might finish up this tree yesterday but stopped because I couldn't stitch and laugh at the same time. We were watching SuperBad.

Here's a wrinkledy shot of part one and some of part two:

(yes that is Season 10 of South Park holding my fabric straight--Cartman as seen in the World of Warcraft episode)
And here's what I have completed on the right side of part two and the beginnings of part three.

I have to have this finished by the end of the month. Carriage House Samplings will be releasing the Shores of Hawk Run Hollow in February. It's a must start for me and yeah, I'm pretty sure I have a girl crush on Kathy Barrick. She designs, I stitch. I'm now in a Shores of HRH frenzy. I need a preview before I die of curiousity.
The kids went back to school today so the part of my brain that was distracted by, "I'm bored. Why isn't there ever any food in this house. Please Mom for the love of all that is holy, we're begging you, TURN ON THE HEAT!" Well all that empty space is now filled with "what will Shores look like?" Apparently the design info is classified. Can you say bummer?
So I'm working like a maniac on 13th Colony Bay and then will go back to work on VoHRH.


Linen Stitcher said...

I hadn't seen "13th Colony Bay" before. What a neat design! I'll look forward to watching your progress on this one!!

Sharon said...

Melissa how beautiful this is. OMG its just incredible. You have gotten so much of it done. I just love it. It looks like a painting.
LOL about Kathy Barrick, she sure designs some incredible stuff. I am getting back to the Village very soon, need to finish that mystery first, won't be long. My poor Village needs some help, its a ghost town right now. xoxox

Glenna said...

Oh, no. I did not NEED to know about Shores of Hawk Run Hollow--your're the first I've heard it from--and no I'll be haunting the web, looking for a peek. Sigh. And I certainly don't need to be stitching it--LOL--but of course I will. I hope it's ugly so that we are not tempted.

siobhan said...

Melissa, it looks fabulous!! YGG!! I'm cheering you on from here--hope you get to sail out of the bay this month!! LOL

Kathy said...

Love your blog. Found it from wXSw Yahoo Group. You include interesting and entertaining information on the blog.

Was looking at your comments about sewing a straight line. One of the problems on that fabric might not have been your inability to stitch a straight line, it might have been the printing on the fabric was not staight. Printing on fabric is almost never printed on straight and if you try to follow a line in the printing then it is messed up. Believe me I have learned the hard way.

Going to put your blog on my Google Reader, so I will be back.

Laura (nutmeg5) said...

I love your 13th Colony Bay. I'll look forward to seeing pics of it finished. I hadn't heard about The Shores of Hawk Run Village. Now my mind is going to be wandering about trying to imagine what it will look like :-).

Michelle said...

Wow - that's really looking amazing! I so want to stitch these together like you did. I'm so curious about SOHRH too - maybe she will drop us a hint.