Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who Do I Blame It On?*

Here's my Monkey Sampler update: From the coloring of this picture I obviously had the camera on the "camera" setting instead of a scene setting and it's got a distinctive blue hue to it. Wonder why that is?

Because of this post, Knitting Iris: Cotton-rich, cotton-poor, I remembered having this sheet in the linen closet:

Again the camera was on the "camera" setting, this sheet is a bright green with yellow and orange butterflies. So after seeing the picture of a similiar sheet as a tablecloth, I was forced to pull my sheet out and do this:

Now I absolutely have to search every thrift shop in a 100 mile radius for more of these sheets. The one on the table here: Knitting Iris: Cotton-rich, cotton-poor--I know I had that very same sheet on my bed at one time. My mother said she didn't have any more of these sheets, she got rid of a lot of stuff when she sold her house and moved and believe me I'm kicking myself for telling her at the time I was pretty sure I didn't need any of those linens. What was I thinking?
Have you seen the pile of sheets here: Posie Gets Cozy: Afternoon Delight? Alicia makes some great book bags from her vintage sheets. I'd love to find a wild flowery one and make a beach bag out of it.

And here's a recent picture of Polly PrissyPants:

*Not sure exactly why I titled this post "Who Do I Blame It On?". It was early and I was thinking about something in particular and then the house starts waking up and I lose my thought or it could relate to my new obsession with vintage sheets.


Missy Ann said...

I love the table cloth!

Oh and I tagged you, check out my blog. Sorry ;)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Alcia Paulson have just the cutest stuff?! BTW, cute dog!