Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break is OVER!

Can you tell I'm overjoyed at the thought of my three kids going back to school today? Oh yeah, I was happy. Let me tell ya. HAPPY!

We didn't do anything vacationy(vacationie?) over the past week but we did get one bathroom painted and one hallway, I say we, I bought the paint, the spousal unit did the painting. We went simple. Good old Country White. Amazing what a coat of paint will do to lift your spirits and make a room or hallway look so much better(cleaner). While much painting was being done, I took Mr Clean's Magic Eraser to the front of my hideous kitchen cabinets. They look like brand new. The stuff the Magic Eraser is made of worked some serious magic on my cabinets. I got all the laundry off the kitchen table and of course it is now piled a mile high with yet more clean laundry. I'm doing better folding and hanging as stuff comes out of the dryer but sometimes you just have to get the stuff out of the dryer to get the stuff from the washer into the dryer and well, I get a little behind.

I haven't accomplished a lot in the stitching aspect of my life. Too many distractions, which means the chaos that is my home finally got inside my head and I actually chose to clean the cabinets and fill up forty Hefty bags with trash instead of stitching. I think I must have had a fever. The sad part of the tale is that we still have a lot of junk around here. Whatever pile I seem to get rid of, five more take it's place. With everyone going back to school today, some balance came back in my world and I worked a teeny tiny little bit on BBD First Offerings. I forgot to take a picture but will do it first thing in the morning. So I'm stitching along and for some reason the tv screen divides itself in half and we have about a centimeter or less of tv screen, on either side the tv is black. This is not a good thing. The new living room tv will be a 13 inch from the garage until a new tv is in the budget. YIKES! It's March Madness! University of Memphis is in the Sweet Sixteen and we're stuck watching it on a 13 inch tv.

Over the last week we watched several movies. Borat won our minifilm festival hands down. That's the funniest movie I've seen in a long, long, long time. I don't even like this kind of thing, but Borat, "It's NICE." I love that people are suing and I hope a judge tells them before you sign a contract, read it, especially if it's someone you've never seen before in your whole entire life and really read the contract even if your mother asks you to sign it. Hollywoodland was a bit of a snooze. I wanted to watch it but just wasn't in the mood. I'm going to try it again in a week or two and see if I like it any better.

We also loved the Galapagos special on the National Geographic Channel Sunday night. The Spousal Unit who normally doesn't get into geek stuff loved it. He considers NGC a geek channel.

The new Rolling Stone has an article celebrating 10 yrs of South Park. I can't believe that show has been around 10 years already. Personally I think Trey Parker is a genius.

This afternoon I talked to an old friend, we don't talk as much as we should. We've known each other since eighth grade and talk maybe once every two years. That's so wrong. We have so much history together, there was a time when were like family. Then again we talk after not speaking for two years and we start conversations midsentence. Truthfully I've been missing my grandmother a lot the last few days. You know those moments when you want to tell them something and the ice cold fact that they are no longer here slaps you upside the head and you just start crying because there's really nothing else to do. You can't talk to them and they are they only ones that would have a clue about what's going on inside your head. They might not understand it but know that it's you being you and know just the right thing to say. It may not have anything to do with the reason you called but for whatever reason when you hang up the phone everything is better. Talking to Leslie kind of brought my grandmother back, she spent a lot of good times with my grandparents when we were in high school. So picking up the phone and calling her made me feel a little closer to Mamaw if only by proxy.

The funniest part of the conversation, we were talking about our age, reading glasses, the possibility of bifocals, her not me, yet! And the converstaion to turned to all the hours we spent on the phone in high school talking about all those high school things, boys, Friday night football, why so and so was popular and "Did you see those new Willie Nelson Jeans at the TG&Y?" and I asked her if she felt fortyish inside, and like me she said, "No, it's not right that I'm the one saying back when I was your age we had three tv channels." That seems to be our generations "I walked uphill five miles in the snow back and forth to school barefooted". Three tv channels sounds a lot worse than walking barefooted up a snowy hill to this new group of kids.

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say right now, but old friends, sometimes their voice can heal, or take the sting out of a hurt for a little while. They can also make you homesick like you wouldn't believe!

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