Friday, March 23, 2007

Crafting from the Edge

Lots and lots of stuff going on around here, spring cleaning, no pics of that, aren't you glad? It's really hard to photograph a Hefty bag still life. Just doesn't work in any setting.

Here's a picture of my in progress BBD First Offerings. This really should have been completed ages ago but I have no focus or discipline at the moment. I'm using DMC 310 and 28ct white Monaco. I plan to do some damage coffee or tea dyeing to the piece once the stitching is completed. Here's my attempt at a springish still life. This is my version of Bella Dia: Vintage Vertical Stripe Crocheted Blanket Pattern
Here's a close-up, such that it is. I need more light, sparkley colors. This is a stash buster and I seem to only have dark or neon colors. I bought a skein of baby pink Red Heart yesterday to add a little lightness to the palette.

Here's another attempt at embroidery on the obligatory tea towel. The mermaid's hair is one strand of DMC 498(I think that's the right color) the bird is stitched with two using a split stitch I think, I can't really remember. Her arms are also two strands, her tail is outlined with two strands and the scales are two strands using Jenny Hart's scalloped chain stitch. The rocks are three strands using a split stitch and a stem stitch. Also part of the photo shoot a newly knitted Mason Dixon Ball Band Warsh Rag.

Sometimes when life is dark and dreary a bright light of hope shines through. After 30 something years of cross stitching and not being able to make a (insert the "F-bomb" here) French knot, I give you my first ever French knot, on the work I've titled, "Tea Towel with Red Mermaid".

It is not perfect, it's a bit loose but that doesn't matter it's a French Knot made by me! I was dancing and jumping all over the front yard, yelling across the road to my friend Pam, "Come look at my French knot." You see she's one of those stitchers that can make a French knot, her heart doesn't skip a beat when she sees a chart with ten or twenty French knots. They cause her no angst. French knots have me rootling through the bead box to come up with an alternative for my albatross, the French knot.
Because I love sharing my dorkiness with the world at large, I thought I'd share this link with you, angry chicken: it's the little things. After reading this entry the other day I immediately called the oldest DS-(who is 19 today Happy Birthday Ryne!)who was out with friends and began to quiz him on these and other Urban Slang words. He paused after I asked the fifth or so word and said, "Mom are you reading and Urban Slang dictionary?" Then he said, "I'm busy, find someone else to bother." The boy does love his mom, NOT! He did score a 100 on my mini quiz. Unfortunately it's the only quiz he's scored 100 on in while. Then I was reading GirlReaction and Carolyn mentioned Lupe Fiasco, because of Carolyn I was on the Gnarls Barkley band wagon way before my kids who think they are so cool, so I call DS#1 again and ask him, "Hey have you heard of Lupe Fiasco?" He said, "Yes, I have his CD. Don't call me any more unless it's an emergency we're in a movie." So much for being super cool hip mom in regards to Lupe Fiasco. I started quizzing the kids on the road. Yes they all know who he is. I am enjoying his CD even though I'm a little late to the party on this one. Also listening to Lucinda Williams' West and Live at the Fillmore.
I forgot to mention in my earlier post that we watched Casino Royale this past weekend. I loved the new James Bond. I know I read articles when Daniel Craig was chosen for the role that people weren't happy about it. I thought he was a great Bond.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I LOVE that blanket! I must make one, I have enough stash to make a scarf to fit around the world. Thanks for the link and...congrats on the french knot! It's the bomb! It always feels good to add another item to your can-do list.

I'll have to check the Urban Slang dictionary even though I'll never adopt the vernacular. I'm too old to be cool. By the time parents catch onto slang, it's passe. I still can't get "pimped out" or "pimped up" right - it's one of those - I'll just stick with spiffy-doodle.

Lucy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors in your afghan!!!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

Melissa! I'm also in the LOVE LOVE LOVE that AFGHAN camp! Beautimus!!! I need to start building that yarn stash so I can make it! LOVE it! :o)

Laren said...

Congrats on the French Knot. Even though I've always done freestyle/surface embroidery, I always had trouble with French Knots too.

Love the rug, I taught myself to do the basic stitches of crochet on the weekend, I might give it a go! I posted my first Granny Square on my blog.