Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Carol tagged me for the 6 Weird Things About Me Meme. Anyone who knows me will tell you there are a lot more than 6 things weird about me but here are the six that come to mind and they probably aren't all weird, just idiosyncrasies. After thinking about it, I'm not sure any of those fit the definition of weird, odd, maybe.

1) I can't leave the house without going through a check list in my mind and even when I know I did everything on the check list I have to go back in and double check. If, after heading out, there's the least little doubt in my mind that I didn't check everything on the list I have to go back home no matter how far away from home I am and make sure everything was taken care of or I am anxious, worried and miserable the whole time I'm gone.

2) I will not eat or drink after anyone. I don't care if I've kissed you for 25 yrs or pushed you out of my womb, it makes me sick to think of eating or drinking after someone(I was beat up every day in 5th grade because I refused to eat a pickle after this girl took a bite, seriously.). One of the biggest arguments around this house is when I'm not looking the spousal unit will drink out of my coke or water(he doesn't drink coffee or unsweet tea). I have poured out more beverages in my 20+ years of marriage than you can believe.

3) I have never smoked a cigarette.

4) I was a vegetarian for almost three years(I read Diet for a Small Planet and it made me think about the food I was eating and how it affected people on the other side of the world) until the craving for bacon did me in. I had to have it. Life was not worth living if I couldn't have a BLT.

5) I love airports. I don't mind delays. I spent 24 hours in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport a few years ago on my way to a stitching weekend. I flew on the cheap-standby- and couldn't get a flight out. I slept on a cot in one of the waiting areas. As bad as I hated not being with my stitching friends I didn't think it was a horrible experience. Oh and the coldest place on earth is the Dallas-Fort Worth airport at 2 a.m. in August. I'm talking teeth chattering, needing a parka kind of cold.

6) I try very hard not to be materialistic, one of those people that's happy with what she has(you know expensive furniture, nice cars aren't important), but I have several wish lists a mile long and if money were no object I'd buy everything on those lists.

and a bonus one:

7) One trait I've passed on to my kids--my food freshness issues. If I can't remember when something was opened or purchased, or cooked I throw it away. My kids take it one step farther, if it's a box of snacks and never been opened but they know it's been in the cabinet for a week they refuse to eat it and say it's stale.

Should have an updated picture of Strawberry Blonde tomorrow or when you see it, you may agree with me that "tomato" blonde is a more appropriate title.


Anonymous said...

I love these lists of weird things about people. I love your "weirdness" about drinking out of someone elses glass, cracked me up.

Chelle said...

I don't think your strawberry looks any more tomato-esque than Kathy's. Really. I went and looked.

Meari said...

I love reading about people's weirdness issues! LOL, makes ya feel like you're not so weird after all. :D What is 'normal' anyway?