Friday, January 12, 2007

Sad State of My Walls

This post is a bit image heavy but here's a bit of a peek at my walls. Below you see L'Ete and Le Printemps. This is the wall behind my front door. You can see the way the ceiling angles up. I'm thinking about adding one of those big iron looking clocks to this wall, something. Lots of empty space. I would have taken a better picture but then you would have been privy to the Sunday newspapers and Pirates of the Carribean chess set piled on the couch. This is the wall directly across the room from "The Girls". From left to right you see, The Mermaid-CHS, below that Mairmaid's Song also CHS, then Mermaid and the Sea-Examplars from the Heart. Next to that on top, Northern Lights-EftH, and below that Sirens of the Sea-CHS and then on the end Good Things-BOAF. I'm pretty happy with the arrangement of these particular pieces, they need to be moved about a foot to the left because we rearranged the living room and they are now not exactly centered like they were before. The couch below it is covered in an Esprit quilt until I can make new covers for the cushions because it's pretty ugly. It was a junk store find a year or two ago and was in another part of the living room, now it's a priority to get it covered.

This little grouping is by the front door as you can tell. I should say that when I get HOHRH framed it will be on this wall. I'll then have to find something else to do with these pictures. "The Girls" are on the wall to the left of this picture. What you see in this group is Peace-BOAF, Halloween House-DT and Time has Wings-Sheepish Designs.

Now for the kitchen. Here's my Scarlet Macaw-Pegasus Orginals. It's hanging in the kitchen by the laundry room door above my orange hutch. We just hung it on an existing nail about six months ago and have been too lazy to actually center it above the hutch or find something to hang with it in this spot. I didn't take a picture from another angle because then you would see the laundry piled up on the kitchen table.

This wall is opposite the dining table. That's Lizzie Kate's Summer and to the right is a tea towel I have hanging from dowel, my friend Val in England sent it to me. It says "Many people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to live healthy lives." Do you see how much wall space I have here? I plan to hang 13th Colony Bay on this wall when it's finished. The color of this wall is much fresher than the picture implies. It looks a bit like split pea soup in this picture and really is a bright zesty lime. Despite my issues with wall space and laundry on the table, I love this area of the house the most. When it's fixed up it's a very happy place. I plan to hang Midsummer Night Designs, Monkey Sampler near the table but until the laundry is moved you won't see a picture of that corner.

Here's the wall next to the coffee pot. I have Bent Creek's Rise & Shine hanging there and that white blob to the right is my kitchen cabinet. I will more than likely hang LHN Coffee Menu above Rise & Shine. Now I have Dragon Dreams Coffee is Magic in the Morning in progress and want to hang it somewhere in the kitchen but how does one make a coffee loving wizard work with Rise & Shine and Coffee Menu? See what I'm talking about here? I guess I could make Magic in the Morning into a pillow for the bed. It's one thought I'm tossing about. Just because it's a coffee design, I'm not limited to hanging it in the kitchen, but I don't want to fall into that "this doesn't work" mindset. I'm searching for some whimsy too.

Below you see my decorating conundrum. The beam. What to do with it? It's just there, this big empty spot between the living room and the desk/computer area which is more than likely supposed to be a dining area but the kitchen has room for a table so we did something else with this spot, but once again, what can one do with this spot? It's a barren wasteland of emptiness, so full of potential, so freaking hard to dust. Don't even ask about the layers of dust up there.

The needlework in the far right corner that you see is Barbara & Cheryl's South Battery View. I know that the needlework pictures aren't well done but that's not really the point, the point is what to do to make the walls talk? Of course right now the walls are saying to each other, "Can you believe she's got the nerve to put these pictures out there?"


Anna van Schurman said...

Here's what my stylish mom, really I should take some photos of her beach house to show how stylish she is, always says about hanging pictures: "You hung them too high." She would pull that grouping over the couch right down to about 1" over the couch.

This is me talking. Melissa, no offense, but you really need a level.

Anna van Schurman said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that I am as green as your kitchen walls that you have finished so many beautiful projects. I love L'ete. I need to quit my job so I can stitch more.

Carol said...

LONGABERGER!! That is what's needed on your beam. Beautiful Longaberger baskets!!!! (or imitations) ;-)

Lucy said...

Hi Melissa...Found your blog link at Good Yarns! I'm into just about everything you are....right now my passion is Cross stitch. Check out my
I'll put you on my bloglines also.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that the beam is a bit odd. Why is it there? Thanks for sharing the pics of your framed finishes, they're nice.

monique said...

Definitely baskets or plants on the beam! You have a lot of great wall space... love how colorful it all is!

Carol said...

Wow, your walls are so bright and your needlework is so delicate!

Jeanne said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog Melissa. I have so many of the same decorating anxieties and obsessive stitching behaviors! :) And I absolutely love china and all that sort of thing. I had a part time job years ago selling china and crystal at a major dept store - I loved it and the British Colonial dishes are gorgeous! I might have to get some myself!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I have the same problem. I just don't get how people just 'know' that something will look 'just right' in a certain place.

I love that high shelf in your room though. If we had one of those I could guarantee the cat would have made it her own by now he he he.