Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Strawberry Blonde and Some Critter Cuteness

Can't believe it's already January 31, 2007. Where has this month gone? Time has flown by and I don't have a lot to show for it. Below you can see my progress on CHS Strawberry Blonde. This piece is being stitched on the unknown unevenweave fabric I picked up at JoAnn's. I feel a need to stress that as the large strawberry is looking a bit tomato like. Is it just me or does the unevenweave of the fabric give this a definite tomato shape? I want to stress, this is the fabric not Kathy Barrick's design. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that when I get more of this strawberry completed and the dark green around the bottom stitched the shape will be a little more strawberry-esque as Kathy intended. Pop over to CHS and check out the way it's supposed to look and you'll see what I'm talking about. I tried to post a pic of the model but Blogger gave me fits, so I counted my blessings I got the pictures posted that I did. I believe this is in her New Designs section.
One of the problems with being cheap innovative is that you don't always know what you're going to get in the way of a finished design. Using weird fabric can cause the design to take on a life and shape of it's own. It does make the whole act of cross stitching a bit more of an adventure than really "knowing" what it's going to look like. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that bad. In my stitching life I'm not usually a risk taker because the few times I've attempted to change something in a design it's been a disaster. I don't have a lot of confidence in my color choices and definitely not in my fabric choices. Once again the shape of the above strawberry is all the fault of the stitcher not the designer. Kathy Barrick is fabulous. I love her stuff and check out her News page when you pop over there and see her Market preview. She rocks!
Sue has been bitten by the CHS bug too. Sue is a wonderful crocheter who has recently been drawn into the cross stitch web. Let's keep encouraging her.
Life is Hard Out There for a Pimp Black Lab

Here is a glimpse into the daily life of our black lab Heidi. Here she's trying to rest, chew on her bone and what does she have to deal with? Miss Polly PrissyPants.

How cute is that face? What you don't see in these pictures? The shredded napkins, paper towels, toilet paper roll, and notebook paper all over the living room floor. The living room looked like Times Square on New Year's Eve after the ball dropped.

Just when Heidi thinks she can grab a quiet moment because Polly has been distracted by chasing her own tail, this happens:

Her couchmate would be Riley. He used to be part of the trio of kittens we called Charles, Nelson and Reilly(really showing my age here, huh?) but we found Charles a home and Nelson, it appears, is a Nelly. So we have Riley. Riley believes that Heidi is his best friend and he loves to cuddle with her. Like Polly he never gives her a moment's peace when she's trying to lay around and take a nap.

Do they blend or what? Where does the dog end and the cat begin?


Sue said...

Absolutely adorable pet pics!! So cute!

The strawberry doesn't look too far off, the original is very round. It going to be beautiful.

Thanks for the mention. :o) Before starting on my Black Willow Farm, I've got to finish at least on WIP (I'm down to two). I'll be stopping by a local shop to check out cloth next week.

Jacque said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself...Strawberry Blonde is coming out nicely! Love how cozy the critters look..I'm envious! : )

KarenV said...

Aww! Your animals are so cute :)

Nice progress on Strawberry Blonde too!

Sue said...

Your strawberry is looking a little tomatoey, but you'll probably need to stitch more to really tell. I've never stitched on unevenweave. I love the pics of your pets, especially the one of the black dog & kitty together.

Kendra said...

The last few pet pictures didn't load for me (probably our super slow dial-up not cooperating...what else is new?), but I wanted to say that I love the names for your kitties! I wasn't alive when CNR was a big star, but thanks to re-runs of The Match Game on GSN, I know who he is.

Anna van Schurman said...

I'm with Sue, the original is pretty round. You have the cutest dogs! Sigh. The dude says no pets.

claudia said...

Lots o' critter cuteness going on there! I like that Heidi and Riley match. My all black German Shepherd use to have a all black kitten named Dante's Flea...the shepherd's name is Dante.

monique said...

Your "tomato blonde" is progressing quite nicely :) Kidding! It will look like a strawberry soon, I'm sure. Your pet pics are adorable!!

Meari said...

Love the doggie pics!! They are so cute. :D