Friday, January 28, 2011

Of Stitching and Crocheting

The stitching around here has been slow but steady. I can stitch for hours and not have a lot to show for that time other than the memory of a pleasant few hours.

There are those that think sitting around the house stitching on a perfectly beautiful day is a waste of a perfectly beautiful day. I disagree with that philosophy. I think any day is the perfect day to sit on the couch and stitch and since recently introducing Netflix streaming through the Wii to our home, well I don't care if I ever leave the house. It's this wonderful, magical thing, this Netflix streaming through my Wii.

I've just started Isabella Johnstone from SANQ, I think last summer's issue. I'm using DMC and 32ct linen that I aged myself. I've also been working a bit on SL Emma Lerch:

(yes, that's the Wii controller, my new BFF)
The picture below is the bit that was able to catch a streak of sunlight, the only sun that I could capture this afternoon:

Emma and Isabella are great companions while I watch episode after episode of Wire in the Blood and 30 Rock. Another project getting a bit of attention is my Ocean Waves afghan. It's from Crochet Today's Quick & Easy Gifts special issue. I'm crocheting it using the recommended yarn because I had it all in the stash. Good old Red Heart. I would say that I wish I was crocheting this using the finest wool but the fact is my family is the type of family that if a drink gets knocked over they reach for the closest thing to sop it up which would be this afghan, not to mention the dogs and our pride of cats, the frequent handwashing of a wool blanket would be a pain in the butt.

All I know is that I need to stitch and crochet much faster. I have a long, long list of projects and even with not leaving the house any more than I have to, I can't get near as much done every day as I'd like. I thought for sure I'd have Emma completed by the end of this month. No way that will happen. I keep trying to tell myself it's all about the process, the finish is just a wonderful perk but I want to move on to the next project. The serial starter in me is itching to start several new projects. It's a constant battle not to put that first little X into a piece of virgin linen. I must control myself or I will spiral out of control and be sucked into the vortex to Fantasy Island or rather the land of "You'll Never Finish All These Projects".


Carolyn said...

I can totally relate about stitching anytime, no matter what the weather is. I'm almost a hermit. LOL I'd rather be at home than anywhere, and can literally stay here every day unless I HAVE to get out. I understand about the Wii Netflix streaming. We don't have one, but we gave my son and DIL one for Christmas, and while visiting them, saw how awesome it is. I think that's the next purchase we will be making! It's way cool to get to pick out movies like that all the time. Your stitching is coming along great. I just LOVE samplers!

Margaret said...

All your projects are wonderful! I love Isabella, as you know. And Emma!!! Oh Emma! I need to stitch Emma! You are inspiring me so much! Gorgeous! Love the crochet too -- pretty colors!

Katrina said...

Pretty stitching pictures!!! Love both samplers :-). Gorgeous afghan too!

Pointed Stitcher said...

Your new start looks good. I look forward to being able to sit and stitch no matter what the weather is outside.

Siobhan said...

You are making great progress on all of your projects, Melissa! I love Emma and can't wait to stitch Isabella, too. Love the afghan!

I am so jealous of the Wii and Netflix thingie. Oh, how I wish we didn't live in the dark ages here! I'm just happy that Judge Judy is showing new (2009) episodes!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Isabella is such a wonderful sampler! I love Emma also and both of them together, Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

Very pretty afghan!

Susan said...

I love the serial starter comment you made. Isn't that the truth.?. I love to start stitchery projects but I just can't seem to finish. Or I finish but never get them completely finished - framed, pillowed, cushioned etc.

Happy Stitching!

Michelle said...

Emma is stunning! And I'm dying to start Isabella for sure. I always think that a day spent creating is a good day indeed.

Sonda in OR said...

Those samplers look lovely! I'm sure they're even more gorgeous in real life. I need to be better about streaming the Netflix movies. We have the capability, I just seem to forget about it.