Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arts & Crafts

Long time no write! How ya'll doing?

Yes, I've been stitching but more about that in a bit. Along with stitching I've been haunting thrift stores for supplies for future projects. On one of those outings I saw this sweet frame. Admittedly I'm not really about the "sweet" or the "precious". I was more about the shape and how it resembled a tombstone. Don't you see the goth potential here?

So I bought it, for like a $1, brought it home and stitched up CHS Phoebe Brown. The frame was way too large for little Phoebe so I ran across a frame at T. J. Maxx and it's just the right size, that would be the needlework piece to your left in the picture below:

The needlework on the right is CHS Hannah Skinner. I can't decide if it can be fit to the frame or if I need to go in search of another frame. There's a close up below:

Yes, I chipped it while trying to make Hannah fit, so it's already in need of a touch up.

Although after seeing what Kim did with her copper paint and antique patina, I'm wondering if this frame might be worthy of a do-over. I think the black paint stain made it more tombstoney, but that verdigris would look all mossy and more graveyard like don't ya think?

Here's a close up of Phoebe. I'm debating aging this frame. $4 at T. J. Maxx can't beat that price.

Felt Scrabble tiles? No, I've been playing around with an idea for a banner. Maybe I'll have a finished picture of that later this week. Right now I'm debating to pink or not to pink? With the pinking shears that is.
I have a crazy long list of projects I want to work on and complete and every day my list gets a little longer. I really need some time management skilz because right now I'm making lists more than doing anything productive.

Here's the high schooler:

He was so thrilled to be starting school, can you tell? The spousal unit and I are excited that he didn't burst into flames when the sun touched his skin. He spent his vacation in the Land of XBOX but now that he's gone back to school I worry that the world will be overrun with zombies. I'm 100% sure that his dedication to the Land of XBOX kept us all safe these last eight weeks or so.


April Mechelle said...

Those frames are great !! I finished Pheobe Brown and I am having a hard time finding a frame. I will check my TJ Maxx. Thanks!!!

Anna van Schurman said...

I like the frame black--it really is perfect. I kind of like what you have in it, and I know if I stitched something that might fit a tiny bit better, that frame would languish. I say use it! But definitely black.

Mel said...

Love the frames. I always love grunged up and gothed out frames and highlights.

Lol about your boy bursting into flames. At least he doesn't sparkle cause then you're in real trouble. ;)

Kim said...

LOL you crack me up! Now if you were close, I'd drop by and give you this bottle of black 'metallic' paint I picked up and then you can verdigris over that and it would be glimmery black with some moss! ;o) But even if you leave it, I think it looks good! Love the little TJ Maxx frame too!! I'm going to have to check out my local TJM!

Siobhan said...

YGG! I love what you did with both of the frames! They look fantastic. I seriously need to get back to my tombie things.

Great pic of your son!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Great frames! Isn't TJMaxx the best? I just love that store!

LOL re: your son. :) Here's to a great school year fro him and you!

llknbillburg said...
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llknbillburg said...

My name is Laura Kline and I saw on your previous post that you are working on the Liberty Sampler by
Hester's Needle. I have been searching for this chart for a long time to no avail and I was wondering if you might be willing to share it when you are finished. I would be happy to borrow it, buy it, whatever suits your needs. Thanks, Laura slider25@cox.net

Michelle said...

Love love love the frames you converted. Perfect for a tombie!

Glenna said...

I'm so with you on the crazy in the perimenopause (in my case, full-blown menopause). Some days I don't recognize the nut I've become. Your post cracked me up, but especially about your son bursting into flames.