Friday, July 24, 2009

Cape Cod Horror Story

An innocent stitcher is minding her own business at 5a.m. She is stitching along on her Cape Cod Girls Sampler and from out of the blue red dots show up on her fabric. There is no explanation for this occurrence. There is no trace of blood on her fingers, no animal appears to be bleeding around her.

She looks above her expecting to see the ceiling covered in blood like something out of Carrie or Scream but no, just dust and cobwebs. There is no red substance that could even pass for blood anywhere in the vicinity of where our stitcher is sitting.
(see the dots right there at the center top?)
(picture taken with a Blackberry, excuse the poor quality, paranormal events are not easy to photograph)

Our stitcher spent several minutes freakin' out and trying to figure out exactly where the red substance originated to no avail. It showed up out of no where, marked the fabric, and poof, gone. There is no trail of red dots anywhere in the house. There are two bright dots photographed above and a scattering of dots on the flip side of the fabric.

This stitcher is perplexed to say the least. Coffee, Coca~cola, tea, any number of substances could have ended up on this fabric at any given time, but randomly--out of thin air--these red dots appeared.

I'm pretty sure the dots will be out of sight once stretched and framed. They aren't that close to the stitching, but in this rare case I only allowed two inches at the top and bottom because I cheaped out and didn't buy the larger cut of fabric, that cheapness might have saved me in the long run, less of an area to get spotted.

This stitcher is kind of creeped out at the moment because if a red substance is just materializing in my house, I mean, could it be my house is finally fighting back at my slacker housekeeping skills?

Well unfortunately I'm not freaked out enough to do a deep cleaning so it really sucks to be my house at the moment. Since I have no shame I'm willing to just stitch around the red substance while wondering to myself, "Self, WTF just happened?" If dust bunnies, hair- animal or human, coffee, tea, anything had appeared on the fabric I'd have had some kind of explanation but red dots from no where? I'm at a loss and probably need to contact Ghostbusters or Tangina from Poltergeist. Although I can't imagine her ever uttering the words, "this house is clean" under my roof.


Margaret said...

Melissa, the same thing happened to me with my French Alphabet Sampler! Only difference is I knew from whence the red -- sort of magenta actually -- dots came from, my ironing. Either the iron or the board, still don't know for sure which. I suspect the iron though -- it was my old one which has since been replaced. I hope you figure out where the dots came from -- and that no more appear!! PS: if you look really closely at my FAS, you can see one tiny magenta dot smack dab in the middle. :(

Deb said...

I had something like that happen to me too. Luckily I was able to stitch over the offending area. But you have to wonder - just where the heck does this stuff come from!!!

Missy Ann said...

hmmm that is very weird. Glad it's off in the margin.

Sharon said...

Ahhhh the mystery of the red dots, hmmm did I tell you they appeared on my rug one day and then poof they were gone. I hope yours disappear like mine did. xoxoxo

Mel said...

I am so glad it's not in your stitching area. But very creepy... I'd be cleansing my house for sure!

Anna van Schurman said...

Maybe it's the stuff that marked the white cashmere sweater George bought for Elaine?

I have heard some people having problems like this with certain overdyed fabrics. I think it's mildew. Wasn't there that huge to-do on the Legacy Board over these dots?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Very bizarre. Loved the comment about not being bothered enough to give the poor house a thorough cleaning. Yep, me too! It'd take more than that!

Kim said...

LOL You crack me up! Glad the paranormal red dots aren't going to mess up the piece!!! Stitch on! Stitch on, I say!

Katrina said...

OMG, you are too funny :-). No clue on the red dots just glad it didn't ruin your piece.

riona said...

Like Margaret, I too have a red dot story ... only mine didn't show up until I got the piece to the framers. It was my Twisted Stitcher's "How to Turn a Man into a Credit Card" ... two witches discussing spells ... stitched over one in absolutely nothing but Black Crow from GAST. The dot was not there [or not noticed] till the piece was spread and stretched under the bright lights of the framing shop while choosing moldings ... neither Diane [my framer] nor I could figure it out ... didn't look like the usual culprits ... I think it's time to start humming the theme from The Twilight Zone. Why are the dots always red?

Andrew said...

Thats really great clarity in the Blackberry..I wish to take one for myself..

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