Monday, June 22, 2009

Making a Run for the Border

And no I'm not talking about Taco Bell. I had an idea for some pictures but my camera--well it's either done or the batteries are so you, dear reader are going to have to deal with poor Blackberry photos. Oh well, you don't come here for the superior photography anyway, or you definitely wouldn't be here. I've been working on Primitive Needle's Salem Remembered. It's a long narrow piece. There's something so comforting to see where the borders meet. That I stitched my way around the sampler and that I can count.
I didn't let out that squeal of joy until I saw my final stitch:

See that, the borders met up just fine(you can click to biggify as Annette's Acre would say). I was shocked. I realize that the theory behind cross stitch is a simple one. You have some fabric, a chart, a needle and thread and hopefully the ability to count, sometimes as a stitcher you hit that corner and see that you are a thread off, or you've miscounted a stitch too short, a stitch too many. The being a thread off is the killer though. The others are usually easily fixable that thread off thing--rip, rip, rip. No other way, although I'll be honest, I'll be forthcoming, I have one or two samplers where I just said to myself, "Make it work, because you are not ripping back 267 stitches. No one but you will notice."
I've got a few more stitches to put into Salem Remembered and then it's done. YAY! She will definitely be finished this evening and hopefully I'll figure out what's wrong with the camera and you will not have to suffer through more Blackberry photo shoots.


Margaret said...

Melissa, isn't it always a relief when the border meets? lol! I hate having to go back and try to discover the mistake and then to rip rip rip until the border meets! Congrats on the border meeting! Can't wait to see the finish! I hope you figure out what's wrong with the camera too.

Siobhan said...

I can't wait to see the finish!! Good luck sorting out the camera woes. I'm hoping to buy a new one soon since ours is a dinosaur.