Sunday, May 10, 2009

On My Mind

Because I'm not on my feet. Actually that's a lie, I managed to make it out the front door, oooohhhh scary front porch step, and sit on the porch yesterday afternoon and it was pretty much Heaven. Then this morning I made it out the back door(ooohhhh, scary patio step) and watched the Spousal Unit rake the yard.

I'm currently obsessed with this blog:

These Days in French Life

Her flickr photostream:

Flickr: These Days in French Life's Photostream

and her cooking blog:

Garlic Breath

Maybe I need to try to get out of the house more, but I'm enjoying reading about the school year committment to not buying anything, even groceries, although they did use Christmas money to restock their freezer with meat. I've been trying hard to keep my pantry somewhat stocked but if something major happened in our world and we couldn't leave our house for say a month, we'd probably starve because I'm not that prepared. We might make it two weeks before we started looking at each other and seeing hamburgers and hot dogs, LOL. But I do want to do better, I'm trying to grow more of our own food although my attempts this spring are late, but fortunately Florida has a fairly long growing season.

I'm kind of freaked out at her mention of nettle soup and nettle tea. Those things grown in my yard and hurt like the dickens when I step on them the thought of using them for food, well I'd have to be pretty darn hungry to resort to that but maybe they are quite tasty and I'm really missing out.

Another thing I'm fixated on at the moment is making my own:

Recipe for Kombucha Tea & Learn How to Make Kombucha

This is supposed to be some kind of healthy alternative for people who like Coca~cola but I've read mixed reviews about the taste, like it tastes like urine or dirty socks but then when you read about it on Garlic Breath or maybe her other blog she makes it sound quite tasty. It's also supposed to be some kind of miracle drink, even to the point that it could cure cancer. Google it see what all you can find. Interesting but the taste reviews have me wanting to try it just out of curiousity.

I've been doing a little stitching and thinking about making some skirts but I missed the Simplicity pattern sale at JoAnns and I need some summery fabrics for a few skirts and also have to figure out how to make a skirt that doesn't ride up my butt. My back is always shorter than my front and I need to figure out how to tailor it. I want a dress form but that is not in the budget.

I do have all the squares cut out for my red & white quilt and may try piecing them together tonight, maybe.

If I can find my camera cord I'll take some updated pics.

Thank you all for all the get well wishes and sharing your most embarassing moment stories! They made me feel like I'm not the only one who has had an epic public fall.

Hope all you mother readers out there have a very Happy Mother's Day.


Margaret said...

Melissa, I hope the enforced idleness is at least somewhat enjoyable. I am going to check out those links -- as if I need more online obsessions! lol! Get some stitching and sewing in and relax! And Happy Mother's Day! Hope you're not in pain.....

Katrina said...

Melissa, loved all the links! Hope you are back to normal quickly and you are getting lots of stitching time :-).

Sandcastle Momma said...

I hope you're feeling better. It's funny how when we're busy the idea of being made to sit still sounds really appealing but then when that really happens it's not good at all. Glad you were able to get outside some.
I'm loving the sound of these blogs and am going to check them out tonight.
I could probably feed us for about 2 weeks but that'd be it. I don't have a huge hurricane supply kit because frankly I don't like hurricanes and we leave when they come here anyway LOL

Rachel S said...

What about making the back a little longer, or a wavy hem and then serge it. I have a skirt like that and my co-workers thought it was so pretty.

Thank you for posting the blog. I have been reading it too, and it's interesting. I would like to try it, but it's just the idea of letting go of the need to spend.

MyLifesAStitch said...

Oh man, Melissa.... I hope you keep getting better even faster than expected!! Good for you getting around and gettin' crafty, though!!

Kim said...

Oh man! I'll be spending some time at THAT blog! :o))) Thanks for sharing that! Seriously! Now hobble on over to that damn sewing machine and get the red & white quilt started! ;o) KIDDING!

Anonymous said...