Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sitting and Thinking and More Sitting

If I waited until I had pictures to post I might never blog again so I'm sitting here listening to the thunder, pondering making the spiced molasses cookies on the side of the Winn Dixie Light Brown Sugar box and decided I just had to share that with everyone.

Instead of baking I ended up making a cup of Paulette's Hot Chocolate:

PLUM STREET SAMPLERS: My Secret Ingredient pretty darn tasty! I may even have another cup, actually the size of my mug would make cup 2 actually cups 3 and 4!

But I still have all afternoon to bake.

It's pouring down rain, thundering and we're under a tornado watch until 2 p.m. I love days like this. Oh I forgot to mention the flashflood warning. It's been coming down in buckets, but we've been in some serious need of rain. As far as I'm concerned it can do this the rest of the week. Sunshine can get old, seriously. Then again I am dreaming of snow, mountians, a cabin, a fire in the fireplace, you get the picture. I shouldn't have watched the It's Tougher in Alaska marathon the other day.

I have absolutely no crafty news to report. My friend has given me and my friend Pam a project to consider, making her large dogs sweaters so that when she heads up north for Christmas they don't freeze their big dog butts off. I determined that since I'm on year 4 of knitting a scarf, Pam and I might do better creating dog jackets out of fleece. Pam suggested a mix of fleece and denim. We are both trying to come up with ideas that will be fast and cute and warm for Hemi and Lucy. I'm Hemi's protector, his god-mother sorta. It's sad that there aren't a lot of choices for people with big dogs for clothing.

Suz weren't you just wondering about what to do with Mona when she finally joins you in NC because there aren't dog sweaters large enough?

I'm interested to see what Pam comes up with. I have a general idea but the wheels were a turning in Pam's brain even early this morning. She comes up with great ideas.

This seems to be pretty much all I have at the moment.

Bake cookies or stitch or sew or do all of the above, or just lay down on the couch with the dogs and take a nap? That nap is looking pretty good right now.....

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