Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This and That

Here, finally, is the Neighbor Girl Bag. The picture as is expected is not a good one. It is a clickable image but beware, my photo editing software is misbehaving so it will be huge! The bag is sewn with the seams to the outside and are supposed to unravel and fuzz out. I ran it through the wash twice, and hope it continues to unravel so it looks more like it's pricey counterparts.

When I call my friend Andrea, her ringtone for me is the theme to Sanford & Son. The reason for that is the spousal unit. At the time we married I had no idea he would be a primo dumpster diver, but over the last couple of years he has wandered home with some amazing "trash". A perfectly good patio table, four patio chairs, wicker and wicker and more wicker that we have often gotten two year's more use out of, but was deemed old and unworthy by it's previous owner. We use them til our butts fall through the seats. So Friday night I get this email from Andrea and it's about a major yard sale, guy bought out a sewing store. Saturday morning the Spousal Unit and I wander over, I find a few small cuts of fabric and buy those and we move on. The guy just had too much stuff and I wasn't looking for anything other than fabrics that have a vintagey feel to them and I was hoping to score some of that great 70s acrylic yarn. Anyway on the way home we see a yard sale sign off the highway. We decide to check it out, what a great decision. We scored the couch seen below, also in a blur but it's possible that blur is caused by haze of dog hair floating around my house not my lack of photography skilz:

They had it priced at $100. We debated, we sat on it, Andrea showed up, said "You guys should make an offer." I had $50 so the Spousal Unit asks, "Will you take $50 for the couch?" The seller says "YES!" Sold. Our problem, our truck is broken and it wouldn't fit in the back of Andrea's car, oh yes, we tried. Andrea offered up the use of her truck so we paid for the couch and told them we'd be back in a hour with a truck. Our dog chewed sectional is now biding it's time in the garage waiting for a trip to waste management. This morning the pillows you see along the back were strategically stacked, I called the Spousal Unit and asked, "Do we have poltergeists or did you put those pillows on the couch that way?" He answered that yes he did it and it was to keep the dogs out of his spot.

The wall behind the couch, along with the rest of the living room, will be yellow in the not to distant future. I've lived with all the tropical colors I can bear(bare?) for a while.

The Spousal Unit called me Monday morning from Destin, said he saw our couch in a shop there for $850. I think we totally rocked the garage sale for once.


Barbara said...

LMAO at your adventures in second hand goodies!! Thanks, I needed that!

Siobhan said...

YGG on the sofa, Melissa! It looks great. I always want to be the person to score at thrifting but instead I'm usually the person arriving just in time to see the good stuff getting loaded into the car. Glad to see that you scored big this time! YGG! Love the bag, too!

Sharon said...

I love the bag and what an absolutely fantastic deal on the couch!

Kathy said...

Wow, what a deal you got. I am never that lucky when I go out garage saleing or dumpster diving. I have a former co-worker that could also make a living by dumpster diving. He ended up selling a lot of the stuff on e-bay and made lots of money.

Love the bag. Did the neighbor girl like it?

Meari said...

Good for you on the sofa! I love your description of 'primo dumpster diver'... LOL, I also have that trait. I get it from my Dad. Yup, blaming him! LOL

Michelle said...

OOh the bag is fantastic. Great score with that couch. That is toooo funny that your ringer is the theme from Sanford & Son!