Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Bags

The little girl next door wanted a bag like her friend's. They are sold at this ridiculously expensive boutique in my little hick town. I see her friend's bag and say, "Oh I bet I can make you one of those!" I open my mouth and these lies just start spewing out. What is up with that?

Anyway, I ponder the bag for over three weeks hoping neighbor girl will forget or her mom will give in and buy her one(like that's going to happen). Anyway, I finally let neighbor girl go through my fabric stash and choose what she likes. I take another day or two searching for the rotary cutter and looking for anything that might resemble instructions online. It's a simple patchwork bag, seams sewn to the outside, if anyone can sew something "wrong" it should be me.

One night I suck it up, I start cutting six inch squares, I apparently don't have a five inch square and since precision is not my strong point, I opt to make the squares a little larger than necessary, because I'm like, totally lazy. Anyway, I cut, I lay them out, I rearrange, I find my sewing machine guide, I fill a bobbin, I thread the machine. I rethread the machine four times before I get it right. I attach my patchwork foot. I start to sew. In less than an hour I have the bag put together. I hand it off to my friend Pam who is going to do the lining and the handles because that is beyond my level of skill. I started to right "skilty". Isn't that what Aragon says when he tries to heal Frodo from the Ring Wraith's blade? I'm still not sure it's a real word.

Anyway, Pam came through big time for me and neighbor girl. Here's a close up the button, Pam had it in her stash. Friends with eclectic stash collections are just the best aren't they?

Here's the lining--Pam you totally rock:

Whoops! I'm missing a pic of the finished bag! Blogger is not cooperating when I try to add it, I'll keep you guessing and you can see it tomorrow!
But I did make another bag because I'm like this master sewer now. I had some five inch charm squares in the stash. These are from the Nell's Flower Shop collection by Blackbird Designs for Moda. I love these fabrics. This bag is for my friend Pam because she deserves it, not that anyone should necessarily be deserving of my sewing skills, but I did my best, pressed my work. I found the iron, under a pile of Rolling Stone and Martha Stewart magazines, isn't that where everyone keeps their iron?

After spending a good bit of time checking out the instructions for lining a bag in my Sew Easy, Sew Fast book, and looking for more directions online, and getting really frustrated last night, this morning I called Pam and asked if she could walk me through that whole lining a bag thing. She said "Sure bring it over, I'll help." I said, "I can't really do that, this is something for you! Surprise!" She said, "Bring it over, I'LL HELP!" I did and she made the lining for her own gift. I know I totally suck, but on the positive side, she loves the fabrics and they were a surprise to her, I never showed her my little collection of charm squares so it was a surprise.

Tune in tomorrow for a picture of neighbor girl's bag!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous bag! I can't wait to see neighbor girl's bag.

Heather said...

That is so nice of you to help out your neighbor by making her a cute bag, AND I love the bag you made for your friend. Aren’t great friends the best thing ever??

Anonymous said...

Great fabrics and gorgeous bag!

Barbara said...

WOW that's so gorgeous! You're so sweet to come to the rescue like that!

barbara j said...

Melissa, Love your bags, Did you find any websites that were helpful? Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lovely bag! I can't wait to see the finished girl's bag.

Concetta said...

This is absolutely and totally gorgeous. You are amazing doing this for your friend.

Kathy said...

Love the bags you made. Isn't it nice to have a friend like Pam. I have one of those too. She finished stitching her own retirement gift. LOL.

Meari said...

The bag turned out great, Melissa! Such a good neighbor you are. I bet that girl will remember that forever. :)

Michelle said...

The bag with the charm squares is gorgeous! I wish I had some of those BBD fabric squares!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's official, you're the greatest friend ever. And truly I've never met such a wonderful giver.


P.S. I love my bag, carry it everywhere, cram it full, and it's amazingly strong. (Ask the Publix guy, he'll tell ya)

PPS We're making 2 more bags, out of jeans. Ready?