Monday, December 31, 2007


The Saturday before last we had a rainy day. Nothing special, just nice soaking rain that we needed big time. I'm a weather geek. I'm one of those people that runs out in the front yard checking the clouds for spin when the sky looks stormy. This particular Saturday I was enjoying being in the house, listening to the rain and stitching. The middle son says, "Hey mom, the umbrella just blew off the table. HAHAHA. I get up I walk to the French doors, I look out, hmm, the wind is kind of strong. The doors start rattling, they've been kind of warped ever since Hurricane Ivan, I hold them closed. My metal patio furniture that is by no means lightweight, starts to blow across the back yard. The iron table flips over and moves across the yard a bit. The doors are being pelted with leaves and other debris, just as I'm thinking to myself, is that spinning, it stops. So you'd think the story would be over. About ten minutes later I wander outside to get my umbrella--this picture was taken the next day......but

From my backyard I can now see everyone's backyard all the way to the end of my road.

Yes, this picture uploaded twice---but you get the point....

I walk out front and all my neighbors are wandering around wondering what the heck just happened. We weren't even under a tornado watch, much less a warning. Oh wait, I run back in the house for the camera and the Emergency Alert System is telling us we're under a tornado warning, well golly gee, thanks for the timely heads up.

Trees and branches were down all over my road. Mailboxes were relocated. I fortunately, as stupid as I am, was lucky enough to not have anything fly through the window and I wasn't whisked away like Dorothy. It was a little too close for me though. It was a tornado, regardless of how small, and I was standing at the backdoors holding them closed as it passed through my backyard.

I'm a weather geek, I got served. Fortunately for us we lost no siding, no shingles, not one tree branch. Just one patio umbrella(that was really a beach umbrella). Compared to my neighbors we were so lucky. I started shaking about thirty minutes later when it really hit me that a tornado had come through my backyard and I was clueless.
Freakiest thing that happened: I'm wandering the backyard, something is missing. Hmmm, something's not right, the wicker chair under the tree, it's gone. Completely vanished. We look all over, we finally see it in the woods, I was carried up and over a dropped way behind a tree that kind of leans. Bizarre.
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas or if you don't celebrate Christmas--a Happy Holiday.
Ours was good. My turkey completely cooked, as opposed to the Thanksgiving bird that refused to reach any thing resembling "done". To this day I don't know what happened with that bird. I redeemed myself with the Christmas meal.
Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for reading and stopping by "the Ranch".


Anna van Schurman said...

Glad you're safe. Hope you will be able to look back and laugh, weathergeek.

Kendra said...

Tornadoes are so scary...glad to hear that you and yours are OK! I'm a weathergeek myself, and I know what you mean - warnings all over the place and I'm outside watching for rotation. Crazy!

debijeanm said...

I'm so glad things are relatively OK at the ranch!

I can identify with your "clueless" reaction. In 2005 I took my mom to visit her sister in NE Kansas. They live in a tiny little town of one business street and about 400 people (which will be significant in a second.) When we visit her we visit and never remember to turn on a radio or television. Well, one day the wind started to pick up and the sky got darker and my cousin and I went to check the sky. I'm a California girl (ask me about earthquakes) but even I could see this was not your normal rainy day sky. We headed into the bedroom to check for a warning just in time to watch the weatherman point to that tiny town on his map and say, "This is where the real concern is." At that point tornado chasers parked in front of aunt's house. I stood in the back door with my cousin watching a wall of water approach (nothing spinning) until I realized that Mom was scared spitless, so I took her into the basement (but I really wanted to watch that storm come our way.) It went over in a wall of water, but didn't do any damage until it hit the next town.

Weather is fascinating!

Cindy said...

Glad to hear that there was no major damage...that is so scary!

claudia said...

That is scary. We don't get much in the way of tornadoes here in Calif., but there have been times. I wish I had pictures of one of those times, but that was many, many years ago. I am so glad you are safe!
Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope it is all that you want it to be.

Sue said...

Oh my! I'm glad you and your family are safe! Happy New Year, Melissa! Wishing you a great 2008!

Michelle said...

So glad you're safe! That's crazy! Happy New Year though!

Jacque said...

OMG! Can I relate to in the midwest, we have tornado season twice a year (spring and fall) and I've had my share of "OMG...Our iron rod patio furniture is going to break the glass in our french doors and come to live in our kitchen" conversations. I'm glad you're ok and know what you mean about not seeing/knowing it was coming..they can sneak up on you for sure!