Friday, December 14, 2007

11 Days 'Til Christmas

Some days when life is just a struggle, we won't talk about last week, 'K, it's done, past, by gones. But there are times when the UPS guy surprises you by leaving an unexpected package by the door. The picture below is what I found on my front door step yesterday. A while back a stitcher was in search of an OOP chart, I had already stitched it, wasn't going to stitch it again so I sent it to her. Decluttering and helping out a fellow stitcher, a good thing. She stitched the mermaid ornament below for me as a thank you. She really shouldn't have, but I love it and am so glad she did!

The Only Bit of Christmas Around These Parts:

Yes, they are hanging on my potted sago palm, which is in need of repotting, but we don't have our tree up yet so this is the next best thing. The ornament above is from my friend Siobhan. The ornament below is from my friend Sandy:

The ornament below is from my friend Janice:

The ornament below is from my friend Elaine:

We will not mention that I still have to get their ornaments in mail. This weekend, this weekend. As much as I love swaps, I procrastinate over the finishing and I can't do that. I make square ornaments, they are square, that's a positive right? Finishing intimidates me like nothing else.

The Much Anticipated
Second pair of lounge pants:

How neat is this fabric? I tried very hard to get pictures of them in the Scooby Doo fog we've been having down here, you know a pirates coming out of the mist kind of deal, but guess what? It's hard to get a picture of anything in pea soup fog, DUH to me! Yes the lady at JoAnn's thought they were going to be for a little boy. Nope they are just for a forty-something woman with a pirate fetish.


Anna van Schurman said...

You've got some beautiful ornaments for your tree. And I love the pirate lounge pants!

Sue said...

What lovely ornies!! Just beautiful. And great job on those lounge pants!

siobhan said...

Beautiful ornaments, Melissa! I love that mermaid ornament!! The pants are adorable. You should channel the Stitching Fairy to help speed your needle by wearing those while stitching on 13th Colony! ;)

Kathy said...

Lovely ornaments!! Everyone sure did a nice job on them. Love those lounge pants also.

jane said...

I have never heard of Halloween stockings!!! PLEASE post pictures! I am a Halloween decorations fanatic!!

Michelle said...

The pirate pants are awesome!!! Beautiful ornaments too - the mermaid is my favorite. I can't get enough of mermaids.