Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Greetings From

The surface of the sun!

Scary how you can actually see the air in this picture isn't it? I'm southern. Heat is nothing new to me. We southerners love our heat. This summer though, I can't remember it ever being this hot. Seriously. You feel the air. It's like walking through a force field. One day this week Pensacola, FL was the hottest place on earth. I believe it. The picture above was taken about 7:30 this morning.

Here's another angle. My favorite view of the beach a spot where there are no humans. Yes, there were people there and in a few hours they will be elbow to elbow but this morning I was able to snap my first quiet beach shot in months. I'm not sure what the rippley things are above the lifeguard stand but I'm guess it's more solid air!

Why Publix is the Greatest Grocery Store on Earth:

They now carry Dunkin' Donuts coffee beans. The nectar of the gods I tell you. All you Northeasterners can't appreciate how lucky you are to have Dunkin' coffee readily available to you. We are stuck with Starbucks and Krispy Kreme coffee. Krispy Kreme coffee is not my favorite. I dislike it so much I drink milk with my hot donuts. Starbucks, if only the Dulce de Leche Latte was a permanent menu item. I might be your BFF but don't lure me in and get me addicted to a certain latte and then decide not to keep it on the menu. That is so cold. So Publix, I love you!

School starts here on Monday. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This has been one long, hot summer. It doesn't help that the 12 yr old has hit puberty and all the B.O. that comes with it. I feel for him. He actually requested deodorant. The brand he requested doesn't appear to be working though. We've informed him he needs the strong stuff. He's also gotten a little hormonal and most of the summer has been spent trying to stay out of his way.


I just finished The Woods by Harlan Coban and Tumbling Blocks by Earlene Fowler.

I'm listening to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I just started reading The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon.

I love my library.


Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Talk about humidity! Just looking at those pics makes my hair frizz up! Try and stay cool, you guys!

Kendra said...

I'm with you on the humidity! Granted, we don't live as far south as you (I'm in KY), but last week was *awful* as far as humidity. I would get a minor asthma attack just walking out to the mailbox, so we spent as much time as possible indoors in the A/C.

Thankfully it's let up a bit this week - still in the 90's, but the humidity is down and we can actually see blue sky and white clouds instead of that all-over murky white-grey sky.

Anonymous said...

Yep, another 100deg day in Carolina, though the humidty is low today ... back to 'gack' normal tomorrow. Thanks for the beach pictures ... I won't get to see the real thing until October, when the air temp is much more reasonable. Looking forward to your next crafty post ;)

Missy said...

Yeesh, I feel grimy just looking at the pictures of the heat!!

Dunkin Donuts coffee (at the donut shops) is the only "big" chain of shops that uses organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee. I don't know about the stuff from the store, but I think that their policy is so awesome, I would support them if they had a place here on island. Wish Starbucks would switch too.

Okay, off my little soapbox.

: )

Kim said...

Oh Melissa...I feel your pain on the 12 year old and the whole BO and puberty thing! LOLOL Mine's 13...but has the BO thing down...and the FOOT odor...O*M*G...UNbelievable...that's all I can say! UNbelievable. LOLOLOL Stay cool chicky!

Sharon said...

Oh Melissa, I didn't know you couldn't get dunkin donuts till now I would have sent some to you.
HURRAH for dunkin, wow I just love it. If you don't think its the same let me know and I will send you some on the fastest plane. :)Gotta have the dunkin.
I just love your pictures they are fabulous. I miss the ocean so much, sunrise is one of the prettiest times of the day. xoxoxox