Thursday, June 21, 2007

Been Waiting

To post until I could show a progress picture of 13th Colony Bay but I keep forgetting to pick up some batteries for my camera, will try to do that this afternoon.

I've been working on it a lot the last few days. I went a week or two without stitching and my fingers got itchy to pick up the needle so I gave into the need when I should have been doing something else, but sometimes what is good for one's soul ends up being good for everyone around you because your mood is much improved. Monday I stitched and watched The Closer marathon on TNT, it was rainy here, finally, so I had a good excuse for hanging out on the couch with Brenda Lee Johnson and the hoop. Yesterday I needed a fix so I popped Key Largo in the VCR and stitched for a while to that. To top it off, I started playing around with a short story inspired by 13th Colony Bay. I really want to live on that center island, no neighbors, just some sheep, a garden, and a nice studio to work in, my own private beach, now that is Heaven right there. I also would love to live in this house, A Perfect Setting and spend some time on this veranda, Change of Pace.

Change of Pace is all kitted up in the stash but I believe I kitted it with 14ct aida and I'm going to swap it out for some 28 ct lugana, I have most of the threads kitted for A Perfect Setting, I see these as winter starts. I have put in a few stitches on Change of Pace but not enough to feel bad about switching fabrics, just the center start stitches. Anyone else do that? You're not exactly ready to start a new project but you have it all kitted so you go on and put in those first few stitches where ever you are so inclined to start your project and then just put it away until you feel less guilty about starting it?

I am absolutely not going to whine about the projects I have started or the stuff I have in the stash. I'm going to whine about not being able to stitch faster! I love everything in the stash, even some kits I bought years and years ago. I will get to them eventually, I might even really appreciate that 14ct aida included in the kits when I get around to working on them.

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