Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update From a Crafty World

Spent most of this weekend working on 13th Colony Bay, will take a picture when the sun decides to shine. I've managed to work my way all the way over to part 3. I have not finished Part 2 or even Part 1 but do have guidelines set up now so the stitching should move along at a faster pace. For the moment I do believe I'm a one project girl. I don't want to work on anything but 13th Colony Bay. This feeling is so odd, so new to me, I'm just going with it. I'm supposed to be in a couple of SALs but well, I just can't work on them. They aren't screaming at me. I'm a horrible SAL partner, good thing the two SALs are part of groups and not just me and a stitching buddy.

Yesterday I worked on a Mason Dixon Ballband Warsh Rag. I love knitting these things and I love using them. It's an easy project for the newbie knitter and so functional. They really scrub your dishes clean. I'm not kidding. The one I knit yesterday reminds me of Easter eggs, as I said before I'll take a picture when the sun finally shines. I immediately cast on for another one. If you don't have the Mason Dixon book the pattern can be found on the back of a Peaches & Cream Cotton label, hence the name Ballband Warsh Rag.

Along with the warsh rags my other guilty pleasure is Season 1 of Dawson's Creek. The 18 yr old caught me watching it yesterday and asked, "When did you become a 15 yr old girl?" Funny not. I really love this show. I'm not sure how I missed it the first time around and I wish I didn't know what I do now about Katie Holmes, kind of ruins her character for me. Then again I'm a Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer junkie so it makes sense that I would like Kevin Williamson's tv show.

In the housekeeping department I can actually see the top of the kitchen table. I bought more laundry baskets and clothes hangers, wow, what a difference. We might even eat dinner at the table tonight. Yeah, I know, don't get all crazy now, dinner at the kitchen table, what a concept.


claudia said...

You have a kitchen table???? Weird!

Meari said...

Don't you know that kitchen tables are for collecting stuff?! They're not to eat at anymore. Geez... get with the times. It's 2007! ;-)