Monday, July 19, 2004

Lots of problems lately. Lightening has struck our house twice in two weeks. The second time we lost two tvs, a vcr, the Nintendo 64, the phone, the cable, and finally the modem to our computer. All my lectures on safety during storms, unplugging things, staying off the phone, finally sunk in with the boys and DH last Tuesday. They all just thought I was paranoid, overreacting, etc. Now they finally "get it". 'Bout darn time.
Then on Wednesday the ice maker in the fridge went bonkers and proceeded to flood the kitchen. What a mess.

I have been quite productive since being disconnected from the outside world the last week or so. I have crocheted 25 squares for the Peyote Granny afghan I'm crocheting. Would have just called it Groovy Granny but that's the name of an afghan in a book I have. Since the colors in the afghan look like someone was "under the influence" while choosing them, Peyote Granny seems to fit. I found some Red Heart Kids Lime and Pink yarn and have added those to mix and I've quit using the Starbrights ombre. I think the colors I've been using all go well with the Red Heart Pinata Ombre. I'll leave in the squares I used the Starbrights on and who knows I may use it again if I can't come up with any other colors I can find locally to use in the afghan. I want it to be bright but also to have a scrappy feel. I don't want it to look too planned or thought out. So I'm not crocheting it with a plan, no I need 10 of these or 5 or these. I'm just reaching for colors as I crochet each round.

On the cross stitching front, no progress at all. I majorly screwed up a needlebook I was making for a swap, and I'm sick about it. I have bought some more fabric and am going to stitch up scissor fob for the recipient and I found a pair of scissors at Hobby Lobby this weekend to include with the fob. Now to just get motivated enough to stitch it. The design looks like a quickie but I'm still so bummed about the needlebook idea not coming together, I just don't want to pick up a needle. I guess I need to get over myself and get back to stitching huh?

We have one more new kitten member to the family. Her name is Holly, short for Hologram, as she is the cat who isn't really there. DH told me when I took her in at 2am one morning that when he came home from work that kitten better not be here. He came home from work and said, "Uh the kitten's still here" I said, "Well if the kitten were here she'd be really sweet and I guess it's a shame she's not" DH then said, "Uh, I'm looking right at her" I said, "No you're not, she's not here, must be a hologram." Anyway, DH detemined that she's the sweetest kitten that has ever walked the earth and Holly is now a permanent member of our family. I have an appointment for my momma cat Crystal to be fixed August 19. First appointment I could get. Now to just keep her from getting preggers over the next few weeks. Then it will be Holly's turn then the other two baby girl kittens, Hermoine and Sabrina. Then we are done with cats. Five cats is getting into the eccentric, ok, nutty, kooky if you will arena. But I'm going to be responsible, get everyone fixed and then we can be a happy family.

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