Tuesday, May 24, 2011

M. R. M.

Or Mouline Rouge Monday:

Mouline Rouge

Long Dog

40ct Lambswool Linen

DMC 498

This sampler was started years and years ago. I love it and can't really say why I haven't been showing it love all this time, ok, I've got the attention span of a gnat and other more exciting projects screamed louder. It kept getting bumped lower and lower in the WIP pile and was forgotten. I have to say I'm lovin' my Mondays spent with this sampler. It's a nice change from what I normally stitch and it's entirely possible I'll finish page one next week.

My rotation as it stands now is:

Monday- Mouline Rouge

Tuesday-Miss Lila

Wednesday-Heaven and Earth Designs, I have several going and I miss them.

Thursday-Wild Card-Anything Goes Jane Atkinson Reproduction Sampler(another one started several years ago),Abécédaire Berthe Dupont - 18 Trésors de boites à couture Trésors de boites , Lisi Sloboda 1828 - Cross Stitch Pattern and any other number of projects that I have started and strikes my fancy.

Friday-Freebie Friday I'm working on a free sampler from a French site, Berthe Dupont:

Le site des Trésors de boîtes à couture click on blog, and check out Berthe Dupont, there should be the most recent part on the first page(or see link above) I am also participating in HAED Freebie SAL, working on QS Curl Up With a Good Book and the half year SAL is about to begin and I will be stitching SK Rapunzel.
Saturday/Sunday-Sonne Spotte

So far this is holding my interest. There's enough variety to keep me entertained and it's loose enough that I can pull out other projects and mix it up a bit.

Also On My Mind:

Crochet. I've fallen in love with several designs from this book:

My friend Pam scored it for me at Hobby Lobby, yay, to not having to order online!

I want to make some cushions for the wicker on the front porch and I'm loving the Sunburst pillow, the Hexagon Pillow, the Graphic Pillow, and the Pinwheel. I also want to make the rug for the area inside my front door. I'd call it an entry way but it's basically a 3x3 hunk of linolium. I'm thinking I'll do the background in brown and make the dots yellow, orange, lime and aqua. Would love to do the white but I'd have to wash it every five minutes. It would be brown before the first day is over, so I'll start out with where it would end up anyway. I have a huge bucket of Sugar & Cream and Peaches and Cream and all kinds of kitchen cotton so I can do a stash dive for supplies. I'm kind of wanting to order some of Knit Picks Dishie(Dishie Yarn Knitting Yarn from KnitPicks.com). But I have way too much kitchen cotton in the garage to order any at the moment.

Anyone watching Game of Thrones on HBO? OMG we look forward to Sunday nights so much now. I didn't expect the Spousal Unit to like it, it's not his normal show but he's addicted more than me. We discussed downloading the HBOGO app on the computer so that we could watch next week's show early and decided that if we did that we wouldn't have anything to look forward to next Sunday. I'm also listening to the book from Audible.com. For every four hours of TV show, I'm listening to about 9 hours of book.

Hope everyone is doing well and getting lots of stitching done!


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Lovin' your Mouline Rouge! The color is fabulous - I love red!

Sounds like you've got a lot in the hopper. I was thinking about crochet today - think I'd like to learn to do that... one day.

I will have to check out the HBO show -- I'm waiting for Hung to come back on so will have to give this a watch. Have you watched Camelot on Showtime, maybe??? Can't remember which channel now. It's a good one, too.

Margaret said...

Love your Mouline Rouge so far. You know my history with that one -- 3 times started, no finish. lol! Your rotation sounds nice too.

Laurie in Iowa said...

What is it about Mouline Rouge... so many of us have started it, but so few have finished. I wish you much success in completing your sampler and sticking to your rotation.

Anna van Schurman said...

You! With a rotation? Cray cray.

mdgtjulie said...

Wow, you've really got a lot on the go!! I love the colors in your MR. It's almost a pinky red in the photo. Grats on the new book with so many things in it you'll do. That's wonderful. And I'm glad you like your show. I don't have cable, so I can't watch stuff like that!

Siobhan said...

I love that you and your DH love watching TV like we do!! We are enjoying Game of Thrones more and more, especially now that you've explained some of it to me! We need to catch up on this week's episode--hopefully tonight.

MR looks great! I think Sharon did hers in 498, too, and OMG--STUNNING. I so wish I'd done mine in red but at the time I had Joshua & Caleb being done in red. J&C are STILL a WIP. I am so glad for you that you're able to stick with your rotation. I thought I would do an hour on Victorine and then the rest of the time, if any, on Jane--and of course I didn't touch Victorine yesterday at all. I am hopeless.

cauchy09 said...

wow, you have lots of irons in the fire! best of luck!

Maureen said...

ok - you are making me wished i had started to watch Game of Thrones as i have only been hearing good things about it.

as for stitching i love the red of your mouline rouge, and your rotation sounds pretty good - room for a bit of a shake up when you need it.

Littlebit said...

Oh my gosh..I cannot imagine doing MR on 40-count. My daughter has that done and hanging..it's what tipped me over the edge with red! :) I am working on Ann Grimshaw in red. Beautiful work.

Sylvia said...

Mouline Rouge is such a great sampler. It looks like you have a good rotation going.

Game of Thrones - love it - am reading the book right now as well, but just started it. I might not be able to catch up though....

Donna said...

Love the red! (Rock the red - that's what the Caps hockey fans say!)

And as for Game of Thrones. Well, I've read all the books and have been anticipating the series ever since George announced on his blog that HBO had picked it up. But I've stayed cheap, cough, er frugal, and will wait for the DVD. It's just about killing me to wait, especially as my daughter got HBO just to watch it and now we can't discuss it.

Michelle said...

MR looks lovely! Glad you are working on it. And it sounds like your rotation is working out well for you so far. Can't wait to see some Lisi!