Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not Fa La La La La La La

But La D Da Da Da or Tah Da De Da De Da:

In the Garden
La D Da
40ct lambswool(I think)
DMC floss

Why yes Virginia there is a finish before Christmas. BELIEVE! This morning while watching LOTR: The Two Towers I put the last stitch into the border. It was nice to actually wrap something up before Christmas. Yeah, pun intended, because I'm a dork like that.

No other news to speak of other than I scored this nifty bowl thrifting last week. Right now it's buried under books and DVDs while we attempt one more time to move the TV armoire but even as emptied out as it is it still won't budge. We are afraid to remove the tv from the top because we will never get it back up there because it's almost as heavy as the aforementioned armoire.
The tree is leaning against the living room as I have stated that I will not put up the tree until the living room is rearranged because I've determined that every single thing wrong in my life is directly related to the poor positioning of the tv armoire. My world would be all rainbows and unicorns if only we could move that armoire.
I did mention previously that I am in the throes of perimenopausal insanity? Oh yes, the crazy is coming round full force these days. It's amazing what small thing determines the quality of my life.
Now back to working on Rachael Holmes and the hope to have her completed before the ball drops in Times Square.
Coming soon:
My 2011 WIP Challenge List
My 2011 Crazy January Challenge List


Margaret said...

Congratulations on the finish1 It looks great! Love that bowl too.

MamaLadyBug said...

yur missing a la. Hahahahahahaha <3 me!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous finish! Congrats :-).

Michelle said...

Woohoo! Great finish. Those LOTR movies have got to be good for stitching!

Missy Ann said...

In The Garden is awesome!

And little does my husband know it - but I'm buying paint next week.

Probably enough to do upstairs living room and the entire downstairs. Ok - maybe I won't buy to re-do the kitchen that I hate. (let the store & dh talk me into that color, never again!)

So yeah, I feel your pain.

Siobhan said...

Congratulations on the finish!! I love it--can't wait to stitch it for myself! That bowl is fantastic, too. I can't wait to see the stuff you put in it. ;) I'm excited to see your list, too.