Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Very, Very Modest"

I am going to preface this post by saying that it will not all be a Gulf Coast in Oil Crisis rant. There is stitching and some thrifting so if you have been avoiding my blog due to my enviromental rants, well there's something for everyone here today.

First business:

A BP official, that British dude, stated to Sky news, that's a UK news channel, that the damage to the Gulf of Mexico due to the oil spill will be "very, very modest." Now does someone want to tell me what that means? I mean I understand that he's saying that the damage will be minimal but this is a from a man who will not allow accurate measurements to be taken of exactly how much oil is being gushed into the Gulf on a daily basis because "they(BP) are focusing on clean-up". So how in the hell does he have a clue what the damage will be and that it will be modest?

So we hear that that pipe thingie is working, well if going from 210,000 gallons of oil a day to 170,000 gallons of oil a day is working, well we are in a world of trouble. Do I need to point out this all started on April 20th? It's now May 19th, that means we are closing in on a month of astronomical amounts of oil being pumped into a body of water 618,000 miles in diameter not the 17 million miles of the Indian ocean.

Let me paint a bigger picture for all of you reading this sick and tired of the story as it's not glamourous and doesn't affect anyone but a bunch of beach bums who probably should live in the real world and vacations? Why I'll just go to the Caribbean. Well let me enlighten you folks. A lot of the sea life that lives in the Gulf migrates back and forth between the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Do you understand that everything is connected? That grouper caught in the Caribbean in a few months could possibly had been a grouper eating smaller fish who had consumed oil a few months before. Do you know how toxic that makes the fried grouper sandwich you are getting ready to consume sitting in front of the beach grill on St. Thomas? I hadn't even considered the whole migration thing until my friend Chelsea pointed out. Her mother has a dive business and they travel all over the Gulf and the Caribbean. All the focus is on the oil and the obviously affected sea life, we need to pay attention to this on a much larger,deeper scale.

It is being reported that oil has reached the loop, the Gulf Stream, that means oil could be in Key West by Sunday. Is anyone paying attention? Is anyone connecting the dots and most importantly are the people making the decisions doing the right thing or just sweeping all this under the rug because what's done is done?
This is a close up of my CHS A Haunting Mermaid. She's quite pissed off about the whole situation and I have been trying hard to focus on her being what any BP official sees when they close their eyes and if they don't fix this mess she will haunt them to their dying days.
Here's a pic of my progress. It's a horrible picture but hey, isn't that what you've come to expect here from the Ranch? Crappy camera, unskilled photographer and no freakin' lighting! Click to make bigger.

So I started my Jane Atkinson some time last year, above you see meager progress. Want to see the true awesomeness of Jane? Of course you do. Go check out Margaret's progress on her Jane, I think she just started stitching her last Friday, I kid, I kid. She's been working on a little longer than that but not by much: Days of a Sampler Lover: See Jane's leaves
On Monday I had planned to stop by the local thrift store but the neighbor I dislike was just walking in so I came on home. She makes me want to puke and the thrift store is small, so yesterday I popped in a for a quickie look around and found a few things.

What you see above is The Golden Rule by Lutterloh out of Germany. It's the 1969 edition. It's a book all about making your own sewing patterns from just the measurements of your bust and I think your hips. I had to have it and since it was just 25 cents well it was in my budget.

Need sometihng to wear to the beach? Lutterloh has you covered.

Going shopping? Well whip up one of these ensembles and be the Belle of the Mall.

Then I saw these placemats. They are not my style, there are eight of them and the set was $5 but I couldn't leave them there. It's so wrong that someone made these and someone passed them on to the thrift store. The embroidery is so delicate and the backs are so neat.

And then for $1 I ran across this table set:

Yep, kind of uh, well, funky? There are three napkins and three coasters all stitched with this boat.

Then there's the tablecloth, with a Dutch girl stitched on there and the other end of the tablecloth has a windmill and the person made a niftly little bread basket liner with the Dutch girl stitched on it too and for a $1 I had to give them a home.
I may not be able to single handedly save my beloved Gulf but I will declare myself the Protector of All Misfit Stitching! Think there's a pattern for a stitching superhero suit in the Lutterloh binder?


staci said...

Yeah, I was pretty ticked when I heard that "modest" comment on the news. What a load of crap. And that hose thing collecting 20% of the if that's supposed to be progress!!!

MyLifesAStitch said...

Excellent thrifty finds, and great progress on your pieces! It looks like Jane will be lovely - and I didn't even need to go over to Margaret's pics to see that. :)

I am with you on the whole spill thing... surprise surprise after my last couple of comments, right? Especially about how the larger effects are not being reported. It's unbelievable.

But my husband told me something even more disturbing last night... He heard on the radio (Glenn Beck, maybe?) that apparently (last year? Sorry, I really need to go look it up!!) Mexico had a similar tragedy occur... it gushed oil into the Gulf for about 9 MONTHS... and did we hear a thing about it?? Nope!!!


On that note... Have a great evening!! ;)

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great post, Melissa! I have been so sad watching the coverage of this disaster. I can't believe that more people aren't jumping up and down screaming - so many people are going to be affected for so many years... I'll bet your mermaid (and all mermaids) are pissed!

Jane is looking great (as is the pissed off mermaid) and fun thrifty finds! Go whip up an outfit!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Great post, Melissa! I have been so sad watching the coverage of this disaster. I can't believe that more people aren't jumping up and down screaming - so many people are going to be affected for so many years... I'll bet your mermaid (and all mermaids) are pissed!

Jane is looking great (as is the pissed off mermaid) and fun thrifty finds! Go whip up an outfit!

Deb said...

Every day I get madder and madder about the whole oil spill thing and I don't live anywhere near where all that's going on. I feel sorry for the people who make their living on the ocean and for all the wildlife and the people who are going to have to put up with all that stuff coming into shore.

With that said I love your progress on your Mermaid, and just love all your thrifty finds too. I can't believe that someone let go of those placemats. They're beautiful, but now there in a home where someone will appreciate them.

Siobhan said...

I think the ordinary folk like you & me are mad... but the people in power want oil. Simple as that. I should point out that the mid-Atlantic states are worrying about how the spill will damage their shores, too, and that the Gulf Stream is what makes our temperature here in Ireland more moderate. So... it is global, not 'just' in that area. But, of course, another big news story will happen and nobody will hear about it after that.

Nice progress on the stitching, and I loooove the thrifty finds!

Missy Ann said...

Wouldn't it be great? An avenging army of mermaids snatching oil execs from boats and the shores of rivers etc. dragging them to the deep and showing them the error of their ways.

Bless you for saving the orphan stitching.

Susan said...

Hey, have you seen the country boys on YouTube using hay to soak up the oil. It'll git 'er done!

Let's soak up that oil then pick up the hay as it always floats!

Happy Day!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Melissa, I'm absolutely with you on the Gulf oil GUSH issue. It ticks me off that they've given it the "spill" euphemism.
OMG, I live in Naples, FL, on the Gulf side of FL, and I'm so upset with how this is going to effect our waters, and throughout the US, eventually. My DH and I are not going to be eating anymore seafood. :[ And, I worry about my grandson who's growing up near the coast of Louisiana where all they know is crayfish and seafood!!! It's a disaster that's of biblical proportion, I think, when all is said and done.

PS: Darling xsing, Melissa!