Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Warning, pictureless post ahead!

I've been pondering all day what to write about here today. 2009 was a pretty sucky year all the way around. It started out with so much hope and went down hill kind fast. I hate to rush through the years of my life but I am going to say a very happy "goodbye don't let the door hit you on the way out" to 2009. Nothing I planned worked out and I take responsibility for that. Bad management all the way around.

I want 2010 to be a year full of hope. A year when I work harder to be a better person, to be more thoughtful of my friends and family, and to get away from all the negativity that I have let take over my moods and emotions and surround me in it's darkness. Life should be a joyful thing. Something to celebrate. I haven't done much celebrating this year, mostly whining and I've tried to keep that away from the blog but the fact is I have been focusing a lot of energy on what I don't have instead of being very grateful for what I do have.

So 2010 is going to be, for me, the year of gratitude. I am going to try to focus every day on the things I'm grateful for and not focus on what I don't have and not let envy and jealously get a hold of my heart.

365 days of being grateful instead of the never ending whining I feel I have been doing for the last three months. I didn't realize how much the whining had taken hold until I just stopped. I stepped back and looked around my life and told myself to get the hell over it! Very liberating.

Today has been busy running errands and arguing with the spousal unit, yeah, we had a bit of a disagreement at the store who shall not be named and I'm focusing on the fact at least I've got him, someone I love, to argue with. So there's that. Gratitude.

I'm in the middle of dyeing some fabric for Plum Street Samplers' Garden of Eerie. I went a little crazy with the RIT Yellow dye and now my overdyeing with Tan is not grabbing on. But at least I have fabric and RIT Dye to attempt this with. Gratitude. I'm serious. Whatever happens I am a lucky girl to have the fabric to try this on. I'm honestly trying to give myself a serious attitude adjustment because I'm pretty sure I have not been too pleasant to be around the last few months.

Tonight we are staying close to home. On the menu:

Unless I can convince the spousal unit to pick up Chinese food for supper that is.

Cheese dip(1 lb velveeta, 1 can Rotel)
Bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed jalapenos(check out Pioneer Woman, click on cooking, then click on appetizers, you will love me forever for this hookup, these are the ultimate in fabulous wonderful comfort finger foods)
Fried mushrooms
Chocolate Chip Pie
Reeses Peanut Butter Cookies

This will all be munched on while watching the Thin Man Marathon on TCM tonight-I really wanted to grow up to be Nora Charles or at the very least have her money! But she and Nick were and still are pretty awesome. Not a bad way to spend a New Year's Eve and I'll probably click over to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin to catch the ball dropping in Times Square too.

Tomorrow's Menu:

Brats and Italian Sausages on the grill
Spinach Artichoke Dip(the green for good fortune)
Texas Caviar(the only way me or my family will eat Black Eyed Peas, even for luck)

Not sure what else, I haven't really thought the New Year's menu through at all.

Still trying to finish up an ornament so I'm not stitching on it in 2010 and my New Year's start is going to be Plum Street Samplers Garden of Eerie, the piece I'm dyeing the fabric for which is now in the dryer. Please let it work and not be too dark.

I will also put a few stitches in Enchanted Garden Storykeep, it's part of the SK SAL on the HAED BB. The link there takes you to the HAED website and the link to the BB is on the left hand sidebar.

Tomorrow, may be some goals, some WIP pictures. I haven't really given much thought to my 2010 stitching because I'm still stuck in Christmas 2009 at the moment but hopefully not for much longer!

Happy New Year Everyone. May 2010 be full of joy, happiness, good fortune, lots of luck, gratitude and most importantly to quote my good friend Siobhan, lots of Stitch Ass.


Margaret said...

Sounds like a yummy menu both tonight and tomorrow. Although Chinese takeout is good too! Trying to be grateful is a good thing to do -- I need to do more of that myself. I hope your fabric comes out looking perfect for Garden of Eerie! Happy New Year!

Meadows08 said...

I'm a big believer in being positive and you get positivity back in your life. Way to go!

I love Rotel dip and Pioneer Woman Cooks. (I probably found the site from you!) My hubby and son love her stuffed mushroom caps. I need to try the jalapeno's, they sound delish.

Happy New Year!

Laurie in Iowa said...

My mouth started watering when I read your menu for tomorrow... brats on the grill... oh my, so yummy. IMHO it's the only way to prepare a brat.

Happy New Year Melissa... and may your 2010 be filled with many things to be grateful for...

Glenna said...

Happy New Year, Melissa! (We had an argument today, in the kitchen, and I very childishly slammed a door. Hee.) I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching in the coming year.

Carol said...

Happy New Year Melissa! We had the velveeta cheese dip tonight too. 2009 was a pretty good year for me so I hate to see it go. I'm a little worried about what is to come in 2010. Enjoy your night!

Katrina said...

Happy new year! I think a year of gratitude is a great idea :-).

Menu's sound yummy too.

Nicole said...


I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you!! Looking forward to seeing your GoE start! :)

Missy Ann said...

I whole heartedly approve of your New Year's start. I really want to stitch Garden of Eerie myself this year.

Happy New Year!

Real Live Woman said...

I'm with you on 2009 - good riddance. Looking forward to a better 2010 for all!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Hey Melissa! I hope 2010 is better for you, me and all of us that had a bit of a rough row to how in 2009. I like your idea of finding the gratifying things to celebrate; it does help, I think.
Your menu sounds delicious - hope you enjoyed it with a grateful heart.

Happy, Happy, New Year!!!

Siobhan said...

I like that idea--trying to be remember to be grateful. I need to remember that, too. I quickly focus on what isn't working and instead need to think of the amazing blessings that I do have. Here's to a better 2010!!

MamaLadyBug said...

Are you kidding me??? This is what you ate while I was gone??? I missed out! I truly missed out!!!