Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You Are Going to Want to Kiss Me Right on my Mouth

When you make these cookies:

They are Surprise Cookies from Martha Stewart's Cookies cookbook. The recipe is also online. It can be found here:
Don't the cookies look like they are bathed in celestial light?(works for me, much better than saying my photography sucks, doncha think?) But they do taste heavenly. Trust me on this.

Even Rachel Holmes wanted a piece of this action. My fabric is not touching the chocolate I promise, but come to think of it that might add to it's aged appearance.

Speaking of Rachel, here's a current pic. Yes it's washed out, I tried several different spots outside and this was the best. Click the pic to enlarge.
In other late-breaking news, I am on day three of absolutely no laundry on the kitchen table. People wander through the house towards the kitchen searching for shirts, underwear, socks, then they remember, "my clothes are in my room". Twilight Zone music then begins to play because they have obviously been transported to some bizarro land where clean clothes are exactly where they are supposed to be. It's difficult not to take the stuff from the dryer and toss it on the table and move on to the next load, but I'm slowing down, folding, hanging and putting things away. This is huge for me. All the laundry put away, freakin' awesome!
In Thanksgiving news, the turkey is purchased and in the freezer temporarily, got a 20 pounder. Started to go for something a bit larger but good grief we don't need that much turkey. I already see a couple of turkey pot pies in our future and I'm pretty sure this year I'm going to toss the carcass in a pot with some water and make turkey broth to freeze for the Yule bird. We do a ham on Christmas Eve and have a turkey on the big day.
I'm pretty stoked about the new more organized me. Never fear, Casa de Dog Hair is still alive and well but there is not one single piece of laundry on the kitchen table. I'm super serial.


Xeyedmary said...

Thanks for the cookie link- I've been looking for something special for my stitcher's cookie swap!
Your Rachel Holmes is looking fabulous!

Margaret said...

Mmmmmmm, those cookies look good! I'll be off to check them out after typing this. Your Rachel Holmes is soooooo pretty!!! I love that design so much -- I didn't need to be reminded. lol! Oh, and congrats on the new laundry pattern. I need to learn that from you. Sigh.

Heather said...

Those cookies do look like they are bathed in celestial light, wow! I am totally making some!

You are awesome getting your house more picked up. My house looks like a hurricane ran through it, I've been studiously ignoring it for a few weeks (our kitchen is being remodeled), but that doesn't mean I can't keep the bedrooms clean, or the bathrooms clean... I made a list today of things I need to start on *sigh*

Glenna said...

Forget the boring turkey meat, just make a big batch of those cookies. Bok!

Missy Ann said...

Very timely post, I have begun to think about planning my Christmas cookies. And since I'm a sucker for marshmallows...

Brigitte said...

Mmmm, delicious. And very special. If only I found someone who would make them for me, lol.
Great progress on Rachel.