Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kwilty Kim--

Come into the light! Yes, this post is all about luring you down to the Redneck Riviera. Look, below you see what I see when I wait at the stoplight. I leave my neighborhood, drive up the highway about two miles or so and this is the sound view at the intersection:

Here is my hicktown's skyline. It's not a metropolitan area by any stretch of the imagination but it's my town and I love it--although this view is approximately four miles from my house.

Here's one of the buildings at our sweet new park. It's got functioning bathrooms which is a step above the park next door. Those bathrooms have been out of order since Hurricane Ivan. I think they have portopotties set up at that beach but I'm not sure.

Look at this. It's March 18th. Do you see that Carribean like water? Can you feel the soft sugar white sands between your toes? Come on Kim.....close your eyes, feel the breeze, the warm sun.

Look at that water, and a fishing boat is out there. On a Wednesday! In March!

Here's a random shot at another beach up the highway. I almost didn't get a parking space. It was the crowded but mostly with locals.

And look, this is the view from this beach looking down towards the condos. See all that beach? See how white it is and clean and gorgeous?

So Kim come on down. I should mention that there's really no culture down here. But there is a quilt guild and an EGA Chapter. There's Needle Delights in Pensacola. Ft Walton Beach and Destin both have yarn shops. There's a very, very small quilting shop in Ft. Walton Beach, and the Cotton Loft in Destin is a quilt shop.
Speaking of Kim-she's having a pretty sweet giveaway on her blog, check it out here.


Suz said...

You make me quasi-homesick. I miss visiting the redneck riviera with my family... I'll have to do that this summer.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you showed others??? They'll come in droves and then where will we park?


Nancy said...

Alright, you mentioned you must be around there....Any good insights for renting a house ON the beach in Destin in the fall??? Give me some websites or something!!!!

Kim said...

You are evil!!!! Evil I say! Soooo...I could open an awesome quilt, cross-stitch, yarn, home dec shop there then huh? You NEEEEED me! LOLOL It looks like heaven!

Brigitte said...

Going with you in your car was delightful.

Paisley said...

Gorgeous photos! I spent part of my childhood in Gulf Breeze, FL, and will never forget the beautiful beaches.

Sandcastle Momma said...

We do live in paradise don't we?
I complain about the traffic and the tourists sometimes but you couldn't pay me to live anywhere else!