Tuesday, February 03, 2009

February Creative Brain Overload

Why haven't I blogged?

First of all 13th Colony Bay is still in progress.....crap, crap, crap.....but I'm getting there.

Second, I'm thinking about the following projects:

I want to make each of my three boys one of the 63 Squares afghan. (google Leisure Arts 63 Squares afghan or do a flickr search)
I want to make each of my three boys a quilt.
I want to make sure each of my sons has a cross stitched Christmas ornament for every year they have been on this earth, that's 21 for one, 18 for another and 13 for the youngest. How many have I made so far, ZERO, big fat goose egg. If my math is correct I need to make 52 cross stitched ornaments. Hmmmmm......interesting one a week should catch me up but I'm already behind by five weeks now.
I want to make a quilt for my bed.
I want to hand embroidered a bed skirt to go around it.
I want to make this really cool hopscotch afghan for my great niece Alli Mack(do little girls even know what hopscotch is any more?) I saw this afghan in the Herrschnerr's catalog, I'm in love and I have to make it for someone, so she's my victim.
I want to make granny square backpacks for her two older sisters Laney and Harleigh(also found in the Herrschnerr's catalog)
I want to make my little buddy John an elephant/monkey afghan I saw, yes, in the Herrschnerr's catalog. It's not really practical for cuddling under but cute as all get out.
I want to frakkin' learn how to knit socks.
I want to knit dish cloths.
I want to make or even buy cool new living room curtains and really sweet lace curtains for the kitchen window--I'm totally down with buying these items already made.
I want to finish the dragon I started cross stitching for Jack sometime back in the 90s. All I have left is backstitching and fractional stitches on 14ct black aida(that's why it remains unfinished, fractional stitches on stupid 14ct aida)

I want to start The Primitive Needle's Talking Board, NOW but I can't start anything new until 13th Colony is done.

Other than the dragon and 13th Colony every project mentioned above that I want to be working on now is a new project. 52 Ornaments, 5 afghans, 4 quilts, yada, yada, yada.....

No wonder I can't focus on anything at the moment. No wonder my head fills like it's going to explode whenever I sit down to work on 13th Colony, I want to be working on a gazillion other things.

I'm not even going to mention the clothing patterns I want to cut out and sew up, and that probably won't fit. I won't mention that I've been searching thrift shops and Craig's List for cheap dress form just to play around with because we all know I'm not a seamstress, and nothing will ever fit me because I refuse to see how fat my ass really is. All I know is it's a long way from being a 36.....

And to just show how insane I have become, I had a dream last night that I was hosting a crafty reality show on Bravo. It was way cool.....


Kim said...

LOL Sign me up for the crafty reality show!! Fun!

I know what you mean with project-on-the-brain overload. I deal with it frequently! Especially in the stitching category.

Trip to the Big D for a Cowboys game sounds fun!!!

Maren said...

LOL, that's one heck of a list. Personally, I think all craftee's have a masochistic side to them, that impulsive demand to bite off more than they can stitch at any one time.

Brigitte said...

OMG, Melissa, that could be my list, lol. And also the one of many other stitchers, quilters, seamstresses ...

Siobhan said...

This is one of the reasons why I love you... I know I can count on you for crafty plan overload. It is fun to have company in the nut house! ;) Sometimes I find I just need to talk aloud when I'm driving in the car, or tell The Fluffinator all about my plans, just to get them out of my head. But then I get scared & wonder--what do non-crafty people think about?!??

Von said...

You have quite a list there! :D I could make a similar one and every day add two or three more new ideas. If only my body could keep up with my brain! :D

Anonymous said...

Wowie! What a fabulous list! I say, "You go!"

Nic said...

My mum always says "I want doesn't get" and that might be the case with that huge list LOL

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

Michelle said...

You sound like me - I've got project overload on the brain too. I wish I had more hours of stitching in the day (I don't want to add more hours at work, thank you very much).

Carol said...

I'm exhausted just from reading your list! I have a long list of "wanna do's" too but don't dare list them. I always wanted to stitch PV's Through a Mother's Eyes for each of my 3 DD's as wedding gifts. Bought the chart when the oldest was about 13. She's married now so I am officially one behind!

CraftyT said...

Wow.. I am dizzy after that craft overload LOL But you are not alone I am sure many of us have a list just as long if not longer.

I think the 52 ornaments can be tackled You can do it!

If only there were more hours in the day and we all had a few extra set of arms.

Thank you for the sweet comment left on my blog. I am adding you to my blog roll cause I like your blog.

Take Care

Donna said...

Well I can't wait until you finish 13th Colony Bay. I keep checking up on you. You are doing a great job. You did make me laugh out loud about you looking for a dress and not looking at your back end.That hit home.

Craft-i-leigh said...

Ugh!!! I feel your pain, my apt is tiny!
I’m quite the novice, but have really taken a liking to stitching. I started with stamped “kits”, then gradually worked up to counted.
I’ve been browsing through various blogs, (can’t believe how many are out there) trying to get the feel of this whole stitching world and find tips and various works that I like. I saw some of the pcs that you’re working on, (or WIP's as I have recently learned) and thought I’d comment & ask for advice… if you don’t mind.

Craft-i-leigh said...

I cut myslef off I guess.
My question is: What type of fabric do you prefer to stitch on and why? Brands and count? I was told that I am ready to graduate from Aida, but I really like it. Beginners comfort???