Thursday, September 11, 2008


We aren't anywhere in the storm cone for Ike but he has decided to visit my area any way. When the 12 yr old got out of school we drove over to the beach to see what was up. The surf apparently. Highway 98 between Oakaloosa Island and Destin was closed today. It was partially underwater at 7 a.m. Not a good sign.
Funny in this day and age beaches have to put up these flags because stupid goobers think it's cool to wade out in the water. I mean look at the surf, is it really necessary to put up a no swimming flag? Of course it is because someone will sue the county because they assumed since there was no flag that the water is safe. It doesn't matter what it looks like, since there wasn't an official symbol of some kind, let's swim! Is this where I mention how one time at the McD's in Destin this tourist was complaining about all the jellyfish in the Gulf and couldn't they do something about it. I had to explain to her that if she doesn't want to be around jelly fish to swim in a pool. The Gulf is a living body of water, that means it's has fish, jellies, sharks, grouper, they live there.

The youngest son is not down with the paparazzi:

This picture was taken with my digital camera. A Nikon Coolpix. It looks to me like it could have been taken in the 1970s with a Kodak Instamatic. 11o film anyone?

I wish my camera had done better, or I had. My friend Pam got some great pics today. If she posts them on her blog I'll post a link for you all.
Anna-the bagel recipe can be found here:
and the pita recipe here:
I had good luck with both.
I Seriously, Madly, Truly, want one of these:
I want it BAD! I've been jonesing over one for the last six months and now it appears that people( Yarn-A-Go-Go: Kindling! ) are buying them and loving them. I dreamed about one last night. I know I'm sick.
In Other News
The summer was a sad one for me in a lot of ways. I lost my dad and my book that I spent a year writing and even got paid to write, well it's not going to be published this year. Thank you tanking economy. I have a wonderful agent and she believes in the project and I've moved on to attempt to write a second book, a little different, but maybe it will appeal to a wider audience and publishers and if there is success with that proposal maybe the first book will get a second look.
I cried really hard for six weeks, because it's that whole, hopes, dreams, everything you ever wanted, you tell someone your deepest, darkest secrets, and poof, it's a reality, like you never even considered hoping could possibly come true, and it does-- only to be so freakin' close, I mean so very close to that one and only dream, and it vanishes. Like it never ever happened.
From the Workbasket:
I've been working on Plum Street Samplers Coffin Buzz complimentary chart. I might get it finished this weekend, or maybe not. I have several projects going, some I'm trying to figure out what the heck to do, they are sewing related, and others I just don't know what to work on. I'm thinking when I finish Coffin Buzz I'll pull out Long Dog's Sonne Spotte. It's been on my mind lately and I ran across it when I was looking for something. I'm always looking for something it seems.
I'm kind of obsessing over making my own clothes, not sure why(probably the whole melt down in the dressing room thing). I can't sew worth a flip. I have a skirt here I made a few months ago and still haven't sewn the waistband--or the hem but it's cute and I put it on and wear it around the house sometimes. The back seems shorter than the front because baby I got me some back.
In Some Totally Crazy
Probably shouldn't say that outloud news: I can button and zip my shorts and pull them down over my fat butt. The way I know this is that my shorts have been feeling funny and I wasn't sure why. They seemed longer than normal. I was sagging like my 17 yr old and let me tell ya, the granny panties peaking out over the top of some shorts is soooooo hot....I mean people look, that does mean I'm hot right? Anyway, today while at the beach taking some horrible pictures, see above, my shorts almost blew right off my body. I freaked out, came home and I'll be darned if they just didn't slip right off. Talk about being a bit overwhelmed. Then my neighbors got home from work and right in the front yard I said, "Hey y'all, check it!" and proceeded to pull my shorts down just a bit. They were shocked and then awed when they saw what I was doing. At first they thought I had lost my ever lovin' mind stripping right there in the front yard but then it clicked, OMG she's lost some weight. Yeah, I have my idiosyncracies, one happens to be, I go with the flow and the excitement of the moment, and it's why I hide out in my house most of the time because I can really humiliate myself when I live in the moment.


Anna van Schurman said...

Sorry about the book. But the good thing is you know you can do it. You can!

Kim said...

Hey Mel! Glad to see a blog update! Been thinking about you with all the 'canes. Good to know you haven't been in the 'direct hit' path. Shoot me an email and tell me all about how you came to be a paid writer please! :o)

barbara (in Tennessee) said...


I'm so disappointed that your book is going to happen right now. I'm in line, though, for when it does.

Concerned about you with the hurricanes, Want to live near the ocean myself.

Sonda in OR said...

Hope you went out and bought some shorts that fit! LOL!

Sharon said...

Hey Missy, loved your post and I absolutely LOVE that picture of Harrison looking at the ocean, its so nice.
I had to laugh about your post about the woman complaining about the ocean, LOL people are so crazy. I saw on the news they were showing some people going in the water with the dangerous waves. NOT ME!! Stay dry dear friend. ((((Melissa))))

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm still laughing at the idea of you yanking your shorts off in front of the neighbors LOL I'm having the opposite problem - my clothes are getting tighter by the day LOL

I love the story about the people wanting McD's to do something about the jellies!

Sorry about the book. Perhaps it will come to be in the future. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

Kathy said...

Your shorts story is a hoot!!! Sounds like you deserve to get yourself some new shorts. I would be happy if my got that loose, instead they get tighter.