Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rockin' the Needle

Sometimes when a BAP just never seems to get finished it's good to put the stitchin' in perspective by thinking small. The other day I was browsing a group on and ran across Minipop Cross Stitch - a photoset on Flickr--then I found--Mötley Crüe on Flickr - Photo Sharing! So then I wandered over to Rubykhan's inspiration: Flip Flop Flyin' I decided that I needed a bit of small in my life right now. Below you see my version of the Crüe in cross stitch. You can click on the picture for a larger view, the tats might show up a little better. Yeah, I know they are only Xs but still.

Decade of Decadence and Dr. Feelgood are always in rotation on my CD player, The Heroin Diaries, read cover to cover of course.

I decided I don't like charting things out, even things this small. I did have fun trying to personalize the guys. I used DMC Rayon in blue for Nikki's headband, purple for Mick's headband and jacket trim, red for Vince's pants, and used DMC Metallic E130 Jewel Effects for the tattoos and silver metallic for Nikki's belt. I also used DMC Color Variations 90, to try to give Vince some highlights(yeah, it doesn't really have much effect when you are using maybe ten stitches total--but I tried). Trying to personalize something this small wasn't easy but I think I did alright. Below, my feeble attempt at charting.

Things have been a bit stressful so it was kind of fun to sit down, chart out something and then actually stitch it in a day. I really needed this tiny little finish. Not sure what I will do with them. Probably make them into a shelf pillow, it can hang out with The Heroin Diaries. I do need to find some seriously rockin' fabric though. Another thought is making it into a journal cover.
Major thanks to rubykhan for the inspiration.


Kim said...

Too cool! There's some really fun "tattoo" fabric out there now...could be kinda hip! Great job 'rockin the needle'! :o)

Ruby Khan said...

Looks great! I bought some metallic thread for Nikki's headband if I ever do another Crue.


Kendra said...

Cool! My sister and I had fun with the MiniPop quizzes a few years ago. We worked really hard to figure out all the answers...without cheating.

I have them saved on my computer (I think)...never thought about making cross stitch out of them!

Michelle said...

Fabulous! I think your project turned out great - and what a fun diversion from a BAP.

Jeanne said...

Love your Motley Crue stitching - Tommy Lee looks great with the tattoos! What a fun little project. :)

siobhan said...

Melissa, you are all kinds of nutty, but that's why I love you! :) Your Motley Crue turned out great. YGG!

Missy Ann said...

The Crue in cross stitch. Brilliant. You win the internets today.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That rocks!

Jennifer said...

I love those little MiniPops. I'm waiting for a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers to come out.

Yours turned out too cute. BTW, have you read the book "Dirt" about the band? Fascinating read - I'm shocked they're all still alive!

A said...

Hi Melissa!
Just waving hello and hoping you're doing well!
Your projects are seriously cool!
Hugs GF!