Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Deep, Dark Secrets

Confession time, I have this problem. It's embarassing. I'm so ashamed, but here ya go:

I'm addicted to Rock of Love

I can't help it. It's a weakness. I would love to blame it on me being this total 80s girl stuck back in the era of glam hair bands--well I am but that's not the point. I was never, ever a huge Poison fan. Never had a crush on Bret Micheals, I'm a Motley Crue, Nikki Sixx kind of girl, but I can't stop watching Rock of Love. I can't stop. It's crazy. This whole show is crazy.

I think the next series Rock of Love star should be Tommy Lee. He's crazy, the women contestants are obviously all a little nuts, except for Jess. She's actually kept her cool, and even though I don't know her, I feel she's been true to herself. Do you see, I've got a serious problem? Can you tell I am totally in love with the crazy?

Other than that, I have discovered that I prefer 16 month olds to 16 yr olds and 19 month olds to 19 year olds. I feel that keeping toxic poisons out of reach of small toddler hands was much easier than trying to keep one's teens from being toxic. I knew that as the boys got older, their needs would change, what they needed from me would change but this last week I've felt like one of those parents that doesn't have a clue about what's going on in her kids lives and in all honesty, we do talk, I do have a clue but when several things hit you at once, whew, I'm glad to kiss the past week goodbye, bygones and time for fresh starts with a strengthed parent/teen relationship--I hope unless of course they are playing me which is possible, but I think we all are on the same page.

With any luck pictures in a day or two of some fat bottomed bags, one is going to be a gift and I'm still avoiding the sewing in of the lining because I'm a big fatbottomed baby. Maybe I'll suck it up and do it tonight.


Cindy said...

Awesome...I must confess that I am also totally addicted to ROL!! I do have a big problem with trying to pay attention to my stitching while I'm watching that show, though :)

I predicted early on that that Jess would make it to the end...she's the only one who isn't totally off her rocker. I'm just surprised that Bret kept Lacey around for so long. Maybe it was for entertainment!!

Only a few more days to go to see the outcome.

I like your suggestion for the next one!

Jacque said...

Standing up and clearing throught...HI, my name is Jacque, and I too am addicted to Rock of Love.

I love Jess and have from the get-go! I also like Heather. She's like rocky road ice cream where Jess is more strawberry swirl, but I could see him with either one.

Lacey was a scumbag! Her father was worse! Bring on Tommy Lee!

Aunt Kirstie said...

Though you didn't say much in reguards to your child/adults, I could relate to it. The 19 month olds were WAY easier than the 19 yo. It is a struggle.